Board of Supervisors Meeting Date: 

Paul S. McCulla, County Administrator

October 9, 2008

Staff Lead:


Ari J. Sky, Director

Budget Office


A Work Session to Discuss Plans to Reduce Expenditures

Topic Description:

As we have previously discussed both State and local governments continue to assess the negative impact of reduced local revenues associated with the current economic conditions.  It is expected that the State will be proposing new reductions in the level of funding provided local governments in FY 2010 and possibly in the current fiscal year.

The Administrative and Budget staffs have been meeting with all departments to consider options to achieve program reductions.  These meetings are the first step in the preparation of the FY 2010 budget, however given the initial reports from the Revenue Committee it is recommended that these program reduction plans be implemented in the current fiscal year.  The staff will present the possible plans for the Board to consider as a means of bringing expenditures in line with reductions that are anticipated in FY 2009 and FY 2010 revenues. The Board will be asked to provide guidance to staff in developing specific program reduction options.


Requested Action of the Board of Supervisors:


Conduct a work session.

Financial Impacts Analysis:

To be determined.

Identify any other Departments, Organizations or Individuals that would be affected by this request:

Budget Office

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