Lee E. Smith/Donna G. Smith
6179 Beach Road
Midland, VA 22728

                                                May 30, 2006

Ray Graham
Chairman, Cedar Run District
Fauquier County  Board of Supervisors
10 Hotel Street
Warrenton, Virginia 20186

RE:       Family Dwelling Unit Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment - Section 5-105 Standards for an administrative permit for a Family Dwelling Unit

Dear Mr. Graham,

Housing for families is at a crisis in Fauquier County.  There has been little or no family housing for under $150,000 constructed in Fauquier County for four or more years.  The average cost of housing in Fauquier County is now $400,000 or more.  Taxes have just gone up 35% or more due to growth.  However, nearly all growth has been for expensive homes.  The family must pay the tax burden for the growth but has no part in it.

The Family Dwelling Unit zoning provision is an existing solution to this problem.  However, the current ordinance creates hardships on the family.  It is patently unfair to impose severe restrictions on the Fauquier Family that do not exist for the new developments.  New developments and family home construction all accomplish the same thing:  homes for people to live in.  We want the playing field to be slightly more equal.

Families come in different sizes.  The Uniform Building Code regulates occupancies.  We are proposing that the Family Dwelling Unit be modified to retain the family restriction but leave occupancy regulation to the Uniform Building Code.

Additionally, we need a little more square footage.  There is no prevailing community need to severely restrict square footage.  Furthermore, we need to remove the arbitrary inclusion of porch space as interior space by the Zoning Administrator.

Finally, there is no compelling community need to reduce the economic value of our property when we want to take care of family.  Prior to current revisions, there was a two year economic restriction imposed on the family property.  I am proposing that we return to the two year period.

Attached is our proposed zoning ordinance text amendment and the associated $500 processing fee. There is widespread community support for these proposed changes.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.  

                                                            Sincerely yours,

            Lee E. Smith/Donna G. Smith

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