Outline of Typical Water Supply Plan  

        I.      Executive Summary

     II.      Introduction


        Study Area

        Planning Criteria - developed for the study area consistent with the Guiding Principles for Water Resources Planning (including the identification and explanation of assumptions).

   III.      Existing Conditions

  • Facilities
  • Groundwater Supplies (i.e. wells)

  • Surface Supplies (i.e. reservoirs, river intakes)

  • Production, Treatment, Distribution Infrastructure

  • Evaluation of Existing Safe Yield

  • Regional and Wholesale Agreements
  • Regulatory Constraints

  IV.      Water Supply Needs

  • Water Demands

    • Residential
    • Commercial
    • Industrial
    • Public and Semipublic
    • Wholesale Customers
    • Regional Customers

  • Supply Deficit Evaluation and Risk Assessment

     V.      Identification of Alternatives

        Supply Side Alternatives (i.e. groundwater, surface water, purchase, reuse)

        Demand Side Alternatives (i.e. conservation, drought management)

  VI.      Evaluation of Supply Side and Demand Side Alternatives




        Legal/Regulatory Constraints

        Regional Considerations

        Institutional Arrangements

VII.      Summary and Recommendations