MEMORANDUM Attachment 1


To:                  Fauquier County Planning Commission

From:              Richard Calderon, Senior Planner

Date:               September 26, 2002

Re:                  Bealeton Opal Remington Service District Plan

On August 29, 2002 the Fauquier County Planning Commission continued a Public Hearing on the Bealeton Opal Remington Service District Plan at which a number of issues raised at the July Public hearing were raised once again.  (See the formal minutes of this meeting.)  Following the Public Hearing, on September 17, 2002 the Planning Commission resumed review of the Bealeton Opal Remington Service District Plan and directed the Planning Staff to assemble the changes for final review on September 26, 2002.

Attached are the text pages containing the various changes made by the Planning Commission.  These changes are summarized below:


            Page  2             Addition of phasing language.

            Page  7             Modified paragraph e.

            Page 16            Rewritten Strengths a. and b.

            Page 22            Specification that By-Pass generally south of Craig Run

            Page 23            Revised Table 6-BE-1 reflecting changes north of the High School.

            Page 25            Revised Opal VISION

Page 26            Added an alternative to Live-Work, namely campus-style mixed employment. 

Page 29            Deleted Accessory Sewer Service and added Live-Work standards.

Page 31            Revised Table 6-OP-1 reflecting lowered Industrial and Flex Office Industrial acreage.

Page 39            Added e. concerning Boundary Adjustment and Table 6-RE-1.

Page 43            Revised traffic calming language.

Page 48            Revised language concerning the Bealeton Bypass.

Also attached are a number of revised figures that were reviewed by the Planning Commission at the September 17, 2002 meeting.

Staff will discuss these changes and any other issues of concern to the Planning Commission at the meeting on September 26, 2002.  At this time the Commission will need to finalize its recommendation to the Board of Supervisors and forward the Plan Amendment.