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From: Ron Mabry

Re:     Northern Park – Project Cost Factors

Date:  October 24, 2006


This memo provides a summary of factors that have caused additional costs to the Northern Park project and also notes steps that have been taken to reduce additional costs to the project. 

Additional Cost Factors 

  1. The first factor effecting additional costs to the project was related to topo errors built into the design of the park.  These errors were found after site construction had begun and has resulted in additional costs incurred by S.W. Rodgers (site contractor).  There have been additional costs incurred from the building contractor, Miller Brothers, Inc.  In order to keep the project moving, the additional costs from the 2 contractors had to be paid but will part of an after-project account reconciliation with the engineers, PHRA.  By agreement, PHRA has not billed for any of the work they were required to do to correct these errors but will part of the overall account reconciliation.
  2. There have been additional costs associated with design errors on the part of the engineering firm.  Again, these items had to be paid to allow for the project to continue but will part of a separate account reconciliation at the end of the project.
  3. Unknown site and soil conditions resulted in additional costs to the project both for the site contractor and for our geotech firm, WDP.  Some of these conditions were resolved with credits being applied back to the project while others could not be accommodated.
  4. We have incurred additional cost to the project due to additional requirements imposed the E&S inspector’s site inspections.  Some of these items have been related to repairs of storm damaged E&S control measures while others seem to be related to conditions found in the field during an inspection.
  5. Additional site preparation costs have been incurred due to the delay in Verizon and NOVEC providing site plans to VDOT for the relocation of existing utilities along Rt. 55.
  6. Additional costs have been incurred due to additional requirements imposed by the Department of Health on our water tank and water system.  These items were not identified during project design and only came to light when the Health Department was in final review of water system plans.
  7. Additional engineering costs were incurred due to WSA requirements to connect existing connector lines to the WSA sewer line along Rt. 55.  The sewer line had to be relocated as part of Rt 55 improvements and initial discussion with WSA indicated they did not have any offsite connectors in the area of Rt 55 road work.
  8. Additional engineering costs were incurred for environmental testing and reporting required by the Community Development department as part of a special exception permit for the floodplain.


Project Scope and Design Changes Implemented to Reduce Overall Project Costs 

  1. Trails within the park were changed, rerouted and shortened to reduce overall costs.
  2. Pedestrian bridges associated with the trail system were reduced.
  3. Pedestrian bridge width was reduced.
  4. Stone walls were shortened or eliminated altogether.
  5. Concrete pigmentation was eliminated.
  6. Amphitheater design was modified and reduced.
  7. Design changes to some of the shelters and other buildings to reduce costs.
  8. Areas designated for decorative stone were replaced with rip rap.

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