Board of Supervisors Meeting Date: 

Raymond E. Graham, Chairman, Cedar Run District Supervisor

November 9, 2006

Staff Lead:


Michael Dorsey, Director of Environmental Services

Environmental Services


A Resolution to Authorize the Purchase of Equipment for the Operation of the Construction and Demolition Debris Recycling Facility

Topic Description:

At is meeting of July 13, 2006, the  Board of Supervisors awarded a contract to purchase recycling equipment and directed staff to proceed with construction activities to develop a recycling facility for C&D (Construction and Demolition) waste.  Plans are currently being finalized for submission of a Building Permit application.  As part of the project, mobile heavy equipment has already been authorized for purchase by the Board.  The remaining (future) Board request for this project consists of upgrading the recycling building operation to handle the significantly increased material flow.  Vendor procurement is currently underway.

The current request includes one roll-off truck and fifteen (15) 50-cubic yard containers to haul sorted C&D materials (cardboard, steel, plastic, brick/block, wood, drywall, soil, etc.) and the residual (non-recyclable) waste.  The roll-off truck is needed to supplement the current part-time hauling operation for the Corral Farm convenience center.  The C&D operation at the highest tonnage delivery level will require 2-3 trucks to complete operations within an 8-10 hour day so contract truck support may still be needed at times.  The future purchase of a third truck will be evaluated against contractor hauling support costs.

Responsive bids submitted for the purchase of a new roll-off truck are listed in the table below:


Truck Model


Cavalier Equipment Corp.

Mack CV713


Cavalier Equipment Corp.

Mack CV713


Cavalier Equipment Corp.

Volvo VHD


Cavalier Equipment Corp.

Volvo VHD (Stock) F


Colonial Truck

Volvo VHD


Mid-Atlantic Waste

Mack CTP


New Baltimore Garage

International 7600


It is requested that the Board approve the purchase of a roll-off truck from Cavalier Equipment Corp. for $123,990.00.  In addition to the roll-off truck, heavy-duty 50-cubic yard roll-off containers are needed to haul the various C&D waste streams.  Itís recommended that these larger containers be purchased under the existing collection equipment contract with Mid-Atlantic Waste.  The cost for the 15 containers is $91,000.

Requested Action of the Board of Supervisors:

Consider adoption of the attached resolution.

Financial Impact Analysis:

The lease purchase of this equipment is consistent with the 10-year financial plan previously prepared for the landfill.  The equipment will be lease financed over a five-year period.

Identify any other Departments, Organizations or Individuals that would be affected by this request:

Finance Department

Environmental Services

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