From: Gallehr, Tracy
Sent: Wednesday, October 20, 2004 3:42 PM
To: McCulla, Paul; Stribling, Chester
Subject: Fox Meade

FYI - following is the response received from Larry Miller today concerning the open space at Fox Meade in Bealeton.  Please advise if there is any additional information you would like me to provide to you and the Board.


I met with the Lee District rep on the P&R Board yesterday to discuss this.  I also walked some of the property again in light of this information and found that there are not any issues that make this site any different from most sites that are used for park land.  The only issues that seem to be of significant concern are the moving of the telephone pole, which may or may not need to be moved, and the drainage from the houses, which is easily solved in most of the site with swales and minor culverts but may need a boardwalk through one low area.  Both of these will need to be looked into further by an engineer when that phase is reached.  The rep believes that the county should continue with the P&R Board recommendation (I have polled them to see if there have been any reversals of opinion and will know by Friday) to acquire the property for future trail development since it serves as a link between Cedar Lee and neighboring subdivisions.  Please call me if you have any other questions.



Tracy A. Gallehr

Assistant County Attorney

Fauquier County Attorney's Office