Board of Supervisors Meeting Date: 

Harry F. Atherton, Vice Chairman, Marshall District Supervisor

November 10, 2005

Staff Lead:


Kevin J. Burke, County Attorney

 County Attorney


An Ordinance to Amend Section 4-1 of the County Code to Add a Definition of Animal Dealer and to Add Article IV to Chapter 4 of the Code to Require Payment of an Annual License Fee of $50 by Companion Animal Dealers and For-Profit Breeders


Topic Description:

The Code of Virginia Authorizes the County to adopt an Ordinance that regulates individuals who breed companion animals, and to require payment of a $50 annual license fee in order to do so.  The attached Ordinance as drafted provides for the regulation of such animal dealers.

Requested Action of the Board of Supervisors: 

Conduct a public hearing and consider adoption of the attached Ordinance.

Financial Impacts Analysis:

The amendment would result in additional annual revenue from non-exempted animal dealers of $50 per year.  The number of breeders who will be affected by the requirement is unknown.

Identify any other Departments, Organizations or Individuals that would be affected by this request:

 Fauquier County Treasurer

Fauquier County Sheriff's Office/Animal Control