Employee Service Awards 


Harry Atherton, Vice-Chairman




Employee                      Department                             Years of Service


Greg (James) Ashwell      Commonwealth Attorney                     20


Barbara Darnell               Environmental Services                        15


Frances Williams             Community Development          15


Beverly Yowell                Commissioner of Revenue                  15


Deborah Machamer         Library                                               10


Sandra Painter                 Social Services                                   10


Gloria Woodson             Library                                               10


Johanna Spadafora          Parks & Recreation                               5


June Spicer                     Social Services                                      5


Employee Service Awards


Chester Stribling 




Employee                      Department                             Years of Service


Mildred Dwyer                Social Services                                    25


Elaine Rose                     General Services                                 20


Corliss Schalburg            Finance                                              20


Michael Weaver              General Services                                  20


Ross D’Urso                  Commissioner of Revenue                   15


Thomas Frazier               General Services                                 15


Mark Graves                   General Services                                  10


Kathleen Brown               Circuit Court                                         5


Laura Brown                   Social Services                                      5


Roxanne Ehardt              Finance                                                 5


Marsha Holmes               Information Technology                        5


Kevin Jacobs                  Sheriff’s Office                                     5


Andrew Marshall             Sheriff’s Office                                     5


Carol Wood                    Information Technology                        5


Employee Service Awards 


William G. Downey




Employee                       Department                             Years of Service


David Flohr                     Sheriff’s Office                                  30


Linda Yowell                   Library                                                20


Bryan Tippie                   Office of Budgets & Management       15


Susan Frazier                  Commissioner of Revenue                   10


Cynthia Taylor                Library                                                10


Jeanne Day                      Library                                                  5


Employee Service Awards 


Richard W. Robison




Employee                      Department                             Years of Service


Frances Burke-Urr           Library                                                15


Sara Burton                     Library                                               15


Wendy Bennett               Treasurer                                            10


Jeanne Courtney              Commissioner of Revenue                  10


Alma Kerns                     Circuit Court                                       10


Patricia Robinson            General Services                                  10


Elizabeth Cook                Community Development                       5


John Cox                        Sheriff’s Office                                     5


Paulette Dolan                 Community Development                       5


Janelle Downes                Human Resources                                 5


Harry Hitt                        Sherriff’s Office                                    5


Judith Risdon                  County Administration                           5


Mittie Wallace                 Social Services                                      5


Employee Service Awards 

Ray Graham, Chairman




Employee                      Department                             Years of Service


Gail Barb                        Clerk of Circuit Court                         35


Lisa Jenkins                    Commissioner of Revenue                  20


Larry Miller                     Parks & Recreation                             20


Nora Embrey                  Environmental Services                        15


Dwayne Riley                  General Services                                  15


Ronnie Sheetz                 General Services                                 15


Christa Brown                 Emergency Response                          10


John Halley                     Sheriff’s Office                                   10


Micah Meadows              Sheriff’s Office                                  10


Thomas Spicer, Jr.          Sheriff’s Office                                  10


Warren Abel                   Community Development                       5


Stephen Brubaker            Community Development                       5


Anthony Hooper             County Administration                           5


Craig Johnson                 Parks & Recreation                               5


Cynthia Johnson              Social Services                                      5


Daniel Stell                      GIS                                                      5


Larry Stiltner                   Parks & Recreation                               5

Employee Service Awards 

Ray Graham, Chairman




Employee                      Department                             Years of Service


Brenda Hitt                     Social Services                                   25


Jerry Apffel                     Sheriff’s Office                                   20


Jeffrey Crane                   Sheriff’s Office                                   20


Kevin Casey                    Commonwealth Attorney’s Office       15


Kathy Lee                       Commissioner of Revenue                   15


Salvatore Torelli              Sheriff’s Office                                   15


Robert Walkup               Sheriff’s Office                                   15


Howard Acors                Sheriff’s Office                                   10


Holly Meade                   Community Development                     10


Michelle Ball                   Sheriff’s Office                                     5


Paul Brenner                   Sheriff’s Office                                     5


Samuel Foreback            Parks & Recreation                               5


Lynn Hawkins                 Library                                                  5


Douglas Morgan              Community Development                       5


Jeffrey Nordike               Sheriff’s Office                                     5


Jason Romero                 Sheriff’s Office                                     5


Steven Smith                   General Services                                    5


Robert Thompson           General Services                                    5


Barbara Whitehurst          Finance                                                 5


Gregory Williams            Emergency Response                            5