Fauquier Community Farm a Community Partnership 

The Fauquier Community Farm will be a practical application of cost effective agricultural development models. By combining the methodologies that have been successful for our ancestors, we will utilize current alternate energy resources. For example geothermal as a heat source dates back to our use of root cellars. Wind energy has been used for generations to pump water for agricultural use. Passive solar has been used to dehydrate farm products from the beginning of agriculture production.

The Community Farm will be a living model of environmentally sustainable agricultural production. It will not only produce year round produce for the Fauquier Community Food Bank but will become an educational center on micro agriculture production and alternative energy uses. The Community Farm will encourage all members of the local and international community to try their ideas and to share their knowledge and experience with the community and visitors.

The goals of the Fauquier Community farm are:

  1. To encourage participation from all community sectors and to build a community partnership that brings together environmental, business and community needs to creatively work together
  2. To produce food for the Fauquier Community Food bank in a cost effective environmentally sustainable method
  3. To promote individual volunteer participation to assist with all aspects of the farm
  4. To encourage demonstration of a multitude of agricultural and conservation practices to demonstrate how to minimize the environmental footprint and to maximize sustainable production
  5. To provide a demonstration facility to provide public education opportunities to increase the understanding of sustainable agriculture and conservation practices

For more information on The Fauquier Community Farm Project contact :

Tom Benjamin
Fauquier Community Action
50 Sullivan Street, Warrenton VA 20186
540-347-7000 ext 102

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