WHEREAS, Dennis Hunsberger began employment with the Fauquier County government in September of 1984; and

                WHEREAS, Mr. Hunsberger coordinated efforts of financial advisors, rating agencies and department heads and successfully achieved the County’s first A+ bond rating, developed the County’s first personnel policies, and developed the County’s first debt capacity guidelines; and

                WHEREAS, Mr. Hunsberger established the County’s first separate Capital Improvements Fund to track construction projects, established the County’s initial set of expenditure codes which greatly simplified the coding process, and developed the County’s first procurement policies and guidelines; and

                WHEREAS, Mr. Hunsberger developed the County’s first set-off debt collection system to collect delinquent taxes, developed the first system to track annual and sick leave for County employees, and developed the County’s first computer-based budget process; and

                WHEREAS, in his capacity as a County employee, Mr. Hunsberger worked with the Vint Hill Economic Adjustment Task Force, the Office of Economic Adjustment, the Department of Defense and the Commonwealth of Virginia in the creation of the Vint Hill Farms Economic Development Authority (VHEDA); and

                WHEREAS, Mr. Hunsberger began employment in July 1998 as the Finance Director for the VHEDA; and

                WHEREAS, Mr. Hunsberger assisted in the negotiation with the United States Department of the Army to purchase Vint Hill Farms Station and assisted with the negotiation for a joint venture partnership with Miller and Smith, Inc., and the re-zoning of the 695 acre site to Planned Commercial Industrial Development and Planned Residential District; and

                WHEREAS, in his capacity as Finance Director for the VHEDA, Mr. Hunsberger provided financial and forecasting guidance, assisted with the management of new infrastructure, assisted with the demolition of 375,000 square feet of old buildings; and assisted with the activities of the Vint Hill Residential and Commercial LLCs, and the Vint Hill Conservancy; and

                WHEREAS, while he was Finance Director for the VHEDA, the Federal Aviation Administration established its Potomac Consolidated TRACON, 300 new home lots were developed and sold, 91 commercial acres were sold for private development, and 63 businesses and 1100 new employees occupied 650,000 square feet at Vint Hill; and

                WHEREAS, Mr. Hunsberger admirably and effectively served as Acting Director for the VHEDA during the transitional period of March 2005 through December 2005; and

                WHEREAS, as a leader in local government, Mr. Hunsberger was a superb mentor and friend to his employees and coworkers, and cared deeply about his community; and

                WHEREAS, in addition to his exemplary service in  government, Mr. Hunsberger served on the Board of the SPCA for two years, volunteered walking dogs, and is currently overseeing the construction of the SPCA’s new building; and

                WHEREAS, Mr. Hunsberger served for eight years and continues to serve on the Warrenton-Fauquier Airport Committee; and

                WHEREAS, the Board of Supervisors wishes to recognize and commend Mr. Hunsberger and extend its heartfelt appreciation to him and his family for his dedication and service to the citizens of Fauquier County; now, therefore, be it

                PROCLAIMED by the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors this 13th day of December 2007, That Dennis Hunsberger be, and is hereby, recognized and commended.



Harry F. Atherton

Chairman of the Board


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