A Resolution to Request the Planning Commission to Amend the Comprehensive PlaN to Designate a Rural Health Remediation District Located on the East Side of Route 17 Near its Intersection with Ritchie Road to Include the Referenced PINs

WHEREAS, the developer of the Paddocks at Kastle Greens would like to create a Community Wastewater System that would serve a planned rural cluster subdivision, the existing Kastle Greens Golf Course, and the Commercial and Industrial zoned properties south of Ritchie Road; and

WHEREAS, the developer would like to combine this Community Wastewater System with the existing Kastle Greens Golf Course wastewater treatment system to allow for a treated effluent spray system to supplement the fresh water irrigation system at the Golf Course; and

WHEREAS, the proposed Community Wastewater System would serve a need to help failing septic systems and reduce the potential for non-point source pollution in the area; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED by the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors this 14th day of December 2006, That the Planning Commission be, and is hereby, requested to consider designating a Rural Health Remediation District within the Comprehensive Plan to include the following PINs:  7808-44-6128-000, 7808-67-5339-000, 7808-24-7025-000, 7808-23-7865-000, 7808-23-8642-000, 7808-23-8268-000, 7808-32-5227-000, 7808-42-2799-000, 7808-31-4577-000, 7808-31-8892-000, 7808-41-5945-000, 7807-39-8634-000, 7808-21-7316-000, 7808-69-9040-000, 7808-52-3089-000 (portion), and 7808-21-7316-000 (portion) and more particularly described on the Rural Health Remediation Area Map.

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