Meeting Date:

Harry Atherton, Marshall District

Larry Weeks, Scott District

December 16, 2002

Staff Lead:



Elizabeth Cook, Chief of Planning


Community Development



Topic Description:

The proposed resolution recommends the preferred option for the Lake Drive extension connecting streets from the Brookside Farm development.  A companion consent agenda item for Lake Drive presents traffic calming recommendations for VDOT implementation.

Background Information:

Brookside Farm (formerly known as the Waterfield project) and Brookside (R.G Holdings and other properties to the south of Waterfield) were part of a series of interrelated comprehensive plan amendment, rezoning amendment, special exception and preliminary subdivision applications.  On May 20, 2002 , the Board of Supervisors approved that series of applications.

There was one issue from those applications still remaining for Board of Supervisors’ consideration and action, with recommendations from the Transportation Committee.  That issue dealt with the Lake Drive extension to the proposed Brookside Parkway , including the degree to which Brookside Farm neighborhood street connections to Lake Drive would be allowed. 

The staff, in consultation with VDOT, identified five options for Transportation Committee consideration.  These were also presented to the affected neighborhoods within the Lake Drive area.  The preferred alternative is attached and identified as Lake Drive Alternatives Option 1.  The Lake Drive extension is not allowed to connect to the Brookside Parkway .  The Brookside Farm streets, opposite the Mallard Court and Wintergreen Court intersections with Lake Drive , are restricted in their length and are precluded from having any bridge crossing access to the south to the balance of that new residential development.

This selected alternative was recommended unanimously by the Transportation Committee at its meeting on December 3, 2002 .  Action needs to be taken due to the provisions of the approved Brookside Farm Proffers (Item C.2, pp. 9-10), which state:

 “Final decision as to the minimization of traffic on Lake Drive shall be made prior to the final construction plan/final plat stage.  Options for minimization shall include but not be limited to the following options:  eliminating the wetlands/bridge crossings which result in neighborhood street connections to Lake Drive , four way stops and other traffic calming measures.  Final minimization decisions shall be made by the Board of Supervisors, within a specific request by the Applicant for such a decision.  If the Board fails to act within a 45-day period, then the approval of these proffers shall govern.  Any changes mandated by the Board shall not operate to effectively isolate one portion of the entire project from the others (i.e. all through streets from Lake Drive cannot be cul-de-saced) and shall not be considered a substantial deviation from the Concept Development Plan requiring amendment.”


Requested Action of the Board of Supervisors:

Consider adoption of attached resolution.



Financial Impacts Analysis:

None Required.


Identify any other Departments, Organizations or Individuals that would be affected by this request:


Brookside Farm


Board of Supervisors Resolution

Map:  Lake Drive Alternatives, Option 1




WHEREAS, in May 2002, the Brookside Farm Planned Residential Development (PRD) was approved; and

            WHEREAS, the Brookside Farm Proffer Statement (C.1.2) allowed the final decision for Lake Drive extension and project interconnections to be made at or prior to the final construction plan/final plat stage; and

            WHEREAS, those options shall include eliminating the wetland/bridge crossings; and

            WHEREAS, the Brookside Farm developer and the Board of Supervisors agreed the selected option shall not effectively isolate one portion of the “Entire Project” from the others; and

            WHEREAS, based on the Transportation Committee assessment of Lake Drive alternatives and traffic calming recommendations; now, therefore, be it

            RESOLVED by the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors this 16th day of December 2002, That Option 1 has been selected as the design alternative for the developer of Brookside Farm to complete regarding access to and the extension of Lake Drive; and be it

            RESOLVED FURTHER, That the following be accomplished:

·        Post Development Posted Speed Limit Signs.  VDOT is requested to retain and/or place, at a minimum, posted speed limit signs for 25 mph or less along Lake Drive from its intersection with Riley Road to Wintergreen Court and the planned extension of Lake Drive .  Placement will be based on a VDOT engineering study prior to removing the posted and temporary speed limit signs placed during the construction phase;

·        Lake Drive & Riley Road Intersection.  When this Brookside Farm phase along Lake Drive is initiated, staff is directed to schedule, in conjunction with VDOT, the construction timing of a left turn lane for southbound traffic on Riley Road wanting to turn into Lake Drive .  It is noted that this turn lane and any essential line of sight of sight improvements can be completed within the existing right-of-way.  These improvements can be funded through the transportation proffers for the Brookside Farm project.  Completion of this overall intersection improvement can be done either through VDOT or the developer, whichever option is more cost effective at the time the improvement is required;

·        Construction Phase.  The County and VDOT will work diligently with the developer to limit construction traffic exposure to Lake Drive area residents. (Please note that precluding the direct Lake Drive connection to the Vint Hill/Brookside Parkway, and disconnecting the Brookside Farm streets, which are aligned opposite Mallard and Wintergreen Courts, from direct access to the south, results in constraining construction truck traffic access solutions.  Lake Drive will now have some of that traffic which has no other way of ingress or egress.)  

·        Construction Access. The County and VDOT shall work with the Vint Hill EDA and the Developer to implement a controlled access program.  For example, such a program would result in construction traffic and vehicles with heavy loads, for the residential phase being developed along Lake Drive locations, to access via the Vint Hill/Brookside Parkway and Rt. 793 (Vint Hill west gate), or from other practical directions.

·        Lake Drive Resurfacing.  Request VDOT to require a Lake Drive bond and/or obtain an agreement from the developer that will result in resurfacing Lake Drive and fixing any damage resulting from the residential development.