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DATE:            December 2, 2002

T0:                  Elizabeth A. Cook, Chief of Planning

FROM:           Danny Hatch, County Soil Scientist

SUBJECT:     Margaret L Dyson (CPA 02-L05 & RZ 02-L-06)  

After reviewing the County Soil Survey, Topo map, and the drainfield potential map done by Frazier Consultants (April 2, 1998) in the office, it appears that the soil types in this area would support this request. The proposed five (5) lot and residue division are shown utilizing the best soils for this layout.  A more detail soil map and site specific drainfield evaluations will need to be conducted before the preliminary plat and final lot layout is confirmed. It is highly recommended that a Type I Soil Map be obtained from this office before the Preliminary Plat is submitted.