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December 16, 2002

Work Session
4th Floor Conference Room
Circuit Court and Office Building
1:00 p.m.

1:00 p.m.          Agenda Review  

2:00 p.m.          Review of Landfill Operations  

2:30 p.m.          Public Safety Radio System  

2:45 p.m.          State Revenue Reductions Response Plan  

3:00 p.m.         Employee Recognitions – Warren Green Meeting Room

Regular Sessions
M.M. Pierce Elementary School
12074 James Madison Street
Remington, VA 22734
6:30 p.m.

Possible additions to the agenda and related materials are not set forth herein.

Invocation – Chairman Ray Graham  

Pledge of Allegiance  

Citizens Time  

Adoption of the Agenda  

Proclamations and Recognitions

  • Citizen of the Year – Cedar Run  District  (Carolyn Jean Hartman)

  • Citizen of the Year – Lee District (James Van Luven)

  • Citizen of the Year – Marshall District (Carolyn Bowen; Deborah Gouldthorpe)

  • Citizen of the Year – Center District (Frank S. Foley)

  • Citizen of the Year – Scott District (William P. Jones)

  • A Proclamation in Recognition of Lee Bell Upon the Receipt of the Washington Post’s Distinguished Educational Leadership Award for 2002

1)      Consent Agenda  

a)      A Resolution Authorizing the Revision of Selected Human Resources Policies  (Personnel Committee, Sponsor; Francine Bouldin, Staff)

b)      A Resolution to Authorize a Public Hearing to Amend the FY 2003 Adopted Budget in the Amount of $1,251,882 (Finance Committee, Sponsor; Bryan Tippie, Staff)

c)      A Resolution to Authorize a Change in the Location of the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors’ Organizational Meeting of January 6, 2003, and the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors’ Regular Meetings of January 21, 2003,  and February 18, 2003 (Ray Graham, Sponsor; Randy Wheeler, Staff)

d)      A Resolution to Designate the Fauquier Housing Corporation as the Sub-Recipient to Implement the Dry Well Replacement Program (Ray Graham, Sponsor; Tony Hooper, Staff)

e)      A Resolution to Authorize the Award of a Contract to Nine One One, Inc. to Upgrade Equipment at the Warrenton-Fauquier Joint Communications Center (Sharon McCamy, Sponsor; Tony Hooper, Staff)

f)        A Resolution to Install Traffic Calming Measures Along Lake Drive as a Result of the Brookside Farm Development (Harry Atherton and Larry Weeks, Sponsors; Liz Cook, Staff)

g)      A Resolution for the Lake Drive Alternative Selection Pursuant to the Brookside Farm Proffer Statement, Item C.2 (Harry Atherton and Larry Weeks, Sponsors; Liz Cook, Staff)

h)      Consider Preliminary Subdivision Application (#PP02-L-18) Liberty Station/Crane’s Corner (Rick Carr, Staff)

i)        A Resolution Adopting the Virginia Department of Transportation 2003-2004 Through 2008-2009 Secondary Road Six-Year Plan and the 2003-2004 Fiscal Year Budget  (Harry Atherton, Sponsor; Liz Cook, Staff) (Tabled from November 18, 2002 )

j)        A Resolution Limiting Private Streets from Inclusion in the Secondary Road System Six Year Plan – Rural Road Addition Program Through Fiscal Year 2005 (Harry Atherton, Sponsor; Liz Cook, Staff)

k)      A Resolution Initiating an Amendment to the Warrenton Service District Comprehensive Plan (Harry Atherton and Joe Winkelmann, Sponsors; Rick Carr, Staff)

l)        Resolution to Amend Special Exception (SE99-L-43), Luck Stone Corporation, Property Owner (Sharon McCamy, Sponsor; Carolyn Bowen, Staff)  

m)     Consider Preliminary Subdivision Application #PP02-L-16, Riverton Subdivision, Lee Magisterial Subdivision (Rick Carr, Staff) (Tabled from November 18, 2002 )

2)     A Resolution to Waive Zoning Ordinance Section 7-302.1.B to Allow a Private Street that Does Not Connect Directly to a State Maintained Street, Ray and Jo Ann Peterson, Applicants ­ (Larry Weeks, Sponsor; Liz Cook, Staff)


  • Planning Commission, Scott District Representative
  • Rappahannock Rapidan Community Services Board

Supervisors Time  


Public Hearings
M.M. Pierce Elementary School
12074 James Madison Street
Remington, VA 22734

7:00 p.m.

a)      Special Exception #SE03-M-07 & #SE03-M-08 – James N. & Marilyn S. Shackelford, owner/applicant – Dog-Gone Delightful Day Spa – Applicant wishes to obtain special exception approval under Category 2 of the Zoning Ordinance, which would allow for a residential business, and Category 13, which would allow for commercial business and personal services.  The property contains 25.096 acres and is located on the southwest side of Cliff Mills Road (Route 681) on Redlin Lane , Marshall District.  (PIN #6945-52-2882-000)   

b)      Special Exception #SE03-L-13 and #SE03-L-14 – Douglas E. Darling, owner/applicant – Wexford Village – Applicant wishes to obtain special exception approval under Category 27, which would allow for a decrease in the common open space requirement, and Category 29, which would allow for a waiver of the public street requirement in a residential zone.  The property contains, 24.5166 acres and is located near the intersection of Routes 28 and 17, Lee District . (PIN’s 6899-05-9336-000, 6899-25-0237-000, 6899-24-0759-000 and 6899-05-5345-000) APPLICATION WITHDRAWN  

c)      Special Exception #SE03-S-16 – Washington Gas Light Company, owner/applicant – Applicant wishes to obtain special exception approval under Category 20, which would allow for the replacement of an existing 120-foot transmission tower with a new 177-foot tower.  The property, the majority of which is in Prince William County , is described as Lot 1, Section 9, Bull Run Mountain Subdivision.  The small portion of property where the tower will be located is in Fauquier County , Scott District , but has not been assigned a PIN.  APPLICATION WITHDRAWN

d)      Comprehensive Plan Amendment #CPA02-L-05 and Rezoning Request #RZ02-L-06 – Margaret L. Dyson, owner/applicant - Applicant wishes to obtain a Comprehensive Plan Amendment which would change the future designation of the subject property from Commercial to Residential.  The applicant also wishes to rezone approximately 16.0455 acres from Commercial-Neighborhood (C-1) to Residential-1 (R-1).  The property is located at the intersection of Courtney's Corner Road (Route 634) and Brooks Store Drive (Route 632) in the Village of Morrisville , Lee District .  (PIN #7816-26-1092-000)  

e)      Rezoning Request #RZ03-M-01 – Carlin W. and Harold E. Mills, owners, and J. William Gilliam, applicant – JWG, LLC  – Applicant wishes to rezone 1.78 acres from Residential-4   (R-4) to Commercial-Highway (C-2).  The property is located at the southeast quadrant of the intersection of Winchester Road (Business Route 17) and future extension of Route 622, Marshall District .  (PIN# 6969-87-8431-000)  

f)        Rezoning Request #RZ03-CR-05 and #RZ03-CR-06 – Vint Hill Economic Development Authority, owner and Owen Bludau, applicant – Vint Hill – Applicant wishes to rezone approximately 30.0 acres, zoned PRD (Planned Residential Development District), which was previously proffered for a school site, to PCID (Planned Commercial Industrial Development District) for Commercial / Industrial uses.  The property is located on Kennedy Road (Route 652), Cedar Run District.  (PIN’s #7915-77-2128-000, 7915-77-4735-000 and 7915-77-2958-000)  

g)     Rezoning Request #RZ03-L-03 D.C. Diamond Corporation owner/applicant – Southcoate Village Phases 3 & 4 – Applicant wishes to amend two (2) proffer conditions (RZ94-L-03).  The property is located on the northwest side of Catlett Road (Route 28) at Southcoate Village Drive , Lee District .  (PIN’s #6889-32-6994-000 and #6889-52-7940-000, former) APPLICATION WITHDRAWN  

h)      Fiscal Year 2003 Budget Amendments – Consider an amendment to the FY 2003 adopted budget in the amount of $1,689,333 for various budget related issues including, but not limited to, contingency reserve carryover, Warrenton-Fauquier Airport budget increase, 911 Joint Communications Center wireless equipment grant, Commissioner of Revenue and Treasurer Real Estate/Land Records System upgrade, and School Division sewer systems. (Bryan Tippie, Staff)


Organizational Meeting:

January 6, 2003
The Barn at Lord Fairfax Community College
6480 College Street
Warrenton , VA   20187
1:00 p.m.  

Next Regular Meeting:

January 21, 2003
The Barn at Lord Fairfax Community College
6480 College Street
Warrenton , VA   20187
6:30 p.m.

* The Agenda may be modified on adoption by the Board of Supervisors in the form of additions, deletions or revisions.