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New Baltimore Service District Planning Effort

The Department of Community Development is currently engaged in the amendment of the Transportation Element of the New Baltimore Service District Plan. A new draft for discussion has been developed based on input raised at prior community meetings. During the Winter and Spring 2015, this draft will be the subject of meetings with the community, the County’s Transportation Committee and the Planning Commission.

New Baltimore Service District Plan, March 19, 2015, May 21, 2015 – Public Hearing Review Underway
    Draft Document for Review

RESCHEDULED from Jan. 27: New Baltimore Community Meeting – February 4, 2015
    Informational Flyer
    Meeting minutes

New Baltimore Community Meeting – October 24, 2013
This meeting focused on a discussion of issues and ideas related to traffic and road connections on and near Rogues Road (Route 602), Grapewood subdivision, Brookside subdivision, Vint Hill and Academic Avenue/Kettle Run High School.

    Summary of Meeting
    Options for 2nd Entrance to Schools – Text, Graphics

New Baltimore Service District Plan DiscussionNew Baltimore Community Workshop – September 20th and 21st, 2013
The Community Workshop provided New Baltimore residents and stakeholders with the opportunity to provide input and participate in a hands-on discussion regarding transportation and development issues, possible solutions and approaches within the New Baltimore Service District.

Click here to download the Workshop presentations and other materials. Materials will be uploaded as they become available. A copy of the workshop video is available through the Planning Office, 540-422-8210.

For additional information regarding the Community Workshop, please contact Kimberley Fogle at

New Baltimore Transportation Survey: Take our new survey to help in our continued efforts to update the New Baltimore Service District Plan

  1. New Baltimore Plan Community Meeting June 25, 2013 - Presentation (A recording of this meeting can be obtained from the Planning Division, 540-422-8210).
  2. New Baltimore Plan Community Meeting June 4, 2013 Presentation (A recording of this meeting can be obtained from the Planning Division, 540-422-8210).
  3. New Baltimore Plan Community Meeting April 30, 2013 – Presentation

New Baltimore Service District Plan (Revised: October 8, 2009) This document represents the currently adopted Board of Supervisors NBSD Plan.


Additional Background Information

Information about the work of the Citizen Planning Committee

Fauquier Bank in New Baltimore New Baltimore Service Strip
Route 29 in New Baltimore, Virginia


  1. New Baltimore Community Workshop Summary Report
  2. New Baltimore Community Workshop Documents
  3. New Baltimore Service District Plan (Revised: October 8, 2009). This document represents the currently adopted Board of Supervisors NBSD Plan.
  4. Buckland Mills or Buckland Races (Civil War Battlefield) Affecting the NBSD. The battlefield area shown in this map extends from Prince William County into the New Baltimore Service District along the U.S. 15-29 corridor. The delineated area is not currently on the National Register, but is eligible for consideration with application.
  5. Traffic Impact Analysis of the New Baltimore Service District Plan (EPR: September 24, 2014). This technical report provides: (a) level of service (LOS) analysis for existing traffic at designated intersections; (b) LOS analysis for traffic at build-out (based on the adopted NBSD Plan); and (c) recommended network improvements.
  6. Traffic Analysis for Route 29 between Routes 600 and 215 (MCV: June 30, 2011). Specific traffic analyses conducted for the Ismart Study referenced in #5 below.
  7. Route 29 North Corridor Improvement Study from Route 605 to the Prince William County Line, Phase II (Prepared by: Dane Ismart, The Louis Berger Group, in conjunction with MCV; June 2011). Study & Appendices pgs. 1-30, Appendices pgs. 31-60, Appendices pgs. 61-90. Presents traffic calming design options along U.S. 15-29 from the Prince William County line to Route 605 in Fauquier County. These concepts have been reviewed through the County’s Transportation Committee, and will be considered in the NBSD Plan Update.
  8. Alternative Scenarios. Staff has prepared a series of three alternative scenarios for the intersections in the corridor from Route 215, Vint Hill Road to Route 600, Broad Run Church Road. The alternatives will allow the New Baltimore Planning Committee to consider and evaluate the potential effect of the differing scenarios on the local transportation network within the Service District.
  9. Existing AM/PM Turning Movement Counts(Renaissance Planning Group – Engineering & Planning Resources; April of 2011). As part of the NBSD Plan update process, the traffic modeling to assess proposed transportation network changes requires current traffic counts at more intersections. The attached map shows recorded turning movement counts for 16 intersections within the New Baltimore Service District during the morning and afternoon peak hours in April of 2011.
  10. Brookside Parkway Extension (VDOT Project #0920-030-733; UPC 98212) and the Vint Hill Public Street Network (VDOT Project #0920-030-R38; UPC 101191). Vint Hill is centered in a strategic location to connect neighborhoods to fire and rescue services, a planned library and schools, as well as more effectively distribute future business and residential traffic volume growth expected in the NBSD.

    As a result and in conjunction with the VHEDA, the Board of Supervisors submitted and was awarded VDOT revenue share grants in FY 2011 and FY 2012. The objectives were to design and upgrade key private streets within the former BRAC site to public streets, and to complete new connections to the NBSD transportation network. Sidewalks and trails are planned as an integral element in striving for “complete streets” carefully designed for vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians. The 11 identified streets included in this network will result in a public street package that meets state standards, and will be turned over to VDOT for inclusion in the state secondary road system for maintenance.

    On the attached map, the Brookside Parkway Extension (from Vint Hill’s property line with Brookside to the Kennedy Road intersection) and Aiken Drive (from Shepherdstown Road to Kennedy Road) are marked in red and are scheduled to be completed in November of 2012. The remaining roads marked in yellow and white are scheduled for completion in the fall of 2013 and 2014 respectively. The estimated cost to design and construct these roads is $10,781,000; the funding sources are: 50% from VDOT and 50% from the Vint Hill Economic Development Authority (VHEDA).

  11. The American Battlefield Protection Program of the National Park Service – Battlefield Preservation in Fauquier County.
  12. Ted’s Tack Shack Tract at Buckland Mills Battlefield Land Acquisition Grant Package
  13. Bishop’s Run Tract at Buckland Mills Battlefield Land Acquisition Grant Package

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