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Home Occupation Permit:
Running a business from a home requires an administrative permit approval. Home Occupation Permit.

Family Day Home Permit:
If running a Family Day Home from a property, please submit the following:

Application PDF
Aerial showing the parking and play area
Fee $150.00

Farm Winery:
If there is a farm winery on a property and an owner would like to apply for extended hours and/or events, please submit the following:

Application PDF
Aerial or Plat showing the parking area
Fee $150.00

The Fauquier County Zoning Ordinance allows up to two fundraising events per year to be held by local non-profit and governmental entities on property zoned RA/Rural Agriculture and RC/Rural Conservation. The permit will be approved if the standards set forth for such events in Section 6-102.28 & 29 of the Zoning Ordinance are met. Please submit the following:

Land Development Application PDF
Description of the proposed event, including date and time of event, description of event, projected attendance, proposed security, emergency services, traffic control, sanitation and refreshment services, name of the local non-profit, copy of the IRC§501.c, and a copy of an aerial or plat showing the event location and parking.
No Fee.

Temporary Well:
If public water system does not have adequate capacity to provide water to the structure and to apply for a temporary individual private well, please submit the following:

Applicant signs and notarizes a Well Agreement (Sample Agreement)
Applicant submits the signed and notarized Well Agreement to County Administration for signature by the County Administrator on behalf of the Board of Supervisors.
Property owner records the Well Agreement in the land records maintained by the Circuit Court Clerk.
Property owner submits the application to Community Development with:
Land Development Application PDF
A copy of the signed Well Agreement
A copy of the Deed Book and Page Number of the recorded agreement
A letter from the Water Service Provider stating they do not have adequate capacity to provide water to the property. Fee $75.00

Date Last Modified: 06/08/2015


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