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Community Development Applications, Forms and Information

Application Information

Submission requirements and relevant information pertaining to land development applications for the Department of Community Development are available within the links below. Your application will be accepted for official review when all necessary documentation and fees have been submitted.

Pre-Application Process
Pre-Application Meeting

Fee Schedules
Land Development Applications
Building Permit Applications

Subdivisions, Other Land Divisions and Related Applications
Preliminary Plat
Preliminary Plat Amendment
Construction/Infrastructure Plan
Construction Plan Amendment
Final Construction Plan Revision (minor)
Final Plat
Family Transfer Division
Administrative Subdivision
Large Lot Subdivision
Non-Residential Division
Plan of Development
Boundary Line Adjustment
Plat of Vacation/Lot Consolidation
Subdivision Potential Research/Research Re-Issue
Easement Plat
Utility Plat

Site Plans
Major Site Plan
Minor Site Plan
Site Plan Amendment (Major or Minor)
Site Plan Waiver
Site Plan Revision

Land Disturbing
Land Disturbing Permit for Single Family Dwelling (w/agreement in lieu of an E&S Plan)
Land Disturbing Permit  w/E&S Plan Review
Land Disturbing Permit for Site Plan or Subdivision Plan
Land Disturbing Permit Reinstatement
Land Disturbing Request (Supplemental)

Bond Release
Bond Reduction
Bond Reduction/Release Application

Streets and Traffic
Street Inspection/Street Acceptance into State System
Street Name Change (See GIS webpage)
Street Signs (New) (See GIS webpage)
Street Signs (Damaged or Missing 911)
Traffic Impact Analysis Application

Looking for a particular form?

Find it here on our list of all forms and checklists utilized by Community Development

Building/Zoning/Administrative Permits
Building Permits
Zoning Permits
Administrative Permit
Home Occupation Permit
Farm Structure Affidavit
Sign Permit

Zoning Compliance and Determinations
Zoning Compliance Letter
Buildable Lot Determination
Subdivision Potential Research/Research Re-Issue
Appeal of a Zoning Administrator Determination

Waivers and Modifications
Administrative Modification
Design Standards Manual Modification
Waiver of Subdivision/Zoning Ordinance Requirement
Zoning Variance

Special Exceptions and Special Permits
Special Exception
Special Exception Amendment
Special Exception Extension/Renewal
Special Permit
Special Permit Extension/Renewal

Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Map Amendments
Comprehensive Plan Amendment
Catlett/Calverton Comprehensive Plan Amendment and Rezoning
Comprehensive Plan Compliance Review
Rezoning Amendment

Ordinance Amendments
Subdivision Ordinance Text Amendment
Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment

Environmental and Technical
As-Built Review Stormwater Management Facilities
Erosion and Sediment Control Checklist/Major Plans
Erosion and Sediment Checklist/Small Land Disturbing Permits
Floodplain Study
Floodplain Determination Letter
Hydrogeological Study
Wetland Mitigation/Restoration Plans
Preliminary Soils Review
Type 1 Soil Report

Agricultural and Forestal Districts
Application to Join/Withdraw

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