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Traffic Impact Analysis- VDOT Chapter 527 Review

Traffic Impact Analysis- VDOT Chapter 527 Review

I) Introduction

  • The County requires that a traffic impact analysis (TIA) be conducted to assess the impact of certain proposed developments (rezoning, comprehensive plan, site plan, subdivision (preliminary plat), special permit or special exception) on the county transportation system. A TIA is required if VDOT thresholds are met. See DSM Appendix. (A301.B.1 page T-10)

II) Scoping Meeting

  • Scoping Meeting and Modification Request: Prior to submitting a traffic impact analysis study as part of a land development application, the applicant shall submit a written request to the Department of Community Development for a traffic impact analysis study “scoping” meeting, along with any request to modify the requirements of the study.
  • The Scoping meeting is scheduled by Community Development Staff.
  • Pre – Scope of Work Meeting Form and Scope of Meeting Checklist - to be submitted to Department of Community Development and VDOT by applicant prior to scoping meeting

III) Community Development Submission Requirements


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