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Plastics Pilot Program

Plastic #1 - #7 Small Package Container Recycling Pilot Program

Fauquier County has recycled #1 and #2 plastic bottles for more than 15 years. These containers have necks, are often used as drink or detergent bottles with strong recycling markets typically generating revenue between $250-$600 per ton.

Given the increasing use of plastics, in mid-August the Department of Environmental Services began a pilot program to process difficult to recycle plastics #1 - #7. These containers are variably used as yogurt cups, fresh fruit/vegetable clamshell containers, take-out containers, sour cream/margarine containers, and even medicine bottles. Also included but not limited to the hard plastic cover from individual packaged items such as household batteries and bottles made from plastic #3 - #7 such as a shampoo bottle. From materials that have been received since August, Environmental Services staff has successfully processed 13 bales to date but 39-42 bales are needed to create a full shipment to a prospective buyer.

In order to reach the shipment goal, a Pilot Collection Program for Plastics #1 - #7 is being initiated immediately at the Corral Farm Residential Collection Site only. Please drop off all your household plastics (except plastic bags) in the Plastic/Cans container. Staff will sort the various collected plastics to create baled commodities for sale and shipment to interested buyers.

The initial shipment will evaluate quality and any marketability concerns, and determine the feasibility of a permanent collection program for these materials.

The goal for any recycling pilot program is to divert material from going into the landfill in a cost effective manner and as reasonably possible for customers. More information will be presented after the first shipment.

Thank you to everyone for helping make the Fauquier County recycling program a success! If you have any questions, please contact the Department of Environmental Services at environmentalservicesdept@fauquiercounty.gov.


Date Last Modified: 01/02/2013


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