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Fauquier County Public Library -- FAQs -- Your Online Account

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Online Account

Why create an online account?
When you create an online account you can:

  • Access your library record from home
  • Update your contact information (telephone and e-mail address)
  • Renew items you have checked out
  • Place holds
  • Create Lists - preferred search and other lists
  • Keep track of your reading history

How do I create an online account?

What is a PIN?
Your library Personal Identification Number (PIN) is an additional method, along with your name and library card, of verifying your identity and ensuring the security of your online library account. Starting July 1, 2007, new cards issued to patrons have a PIN automatically set by library staff. If there was no PIN in your record (you never set one up and your card was issued before July 1, 2007), the system will accept the number you initially key in as your PIN, up to any 8 numbers/letters without dashes or spaces, and you will be asked to enter it again as verification. The PIN function is not case-sensitive, so capitalization is irrelevant.

When I tried to create/update my PIN, I received a message that my password was not complex enough.
The PIN must not contain common trivial patterns. Trivial patterns include a character that is repeated three or more times (for example, aaaa, ababa, bbbb) or a set of up to four characters that is repeated two or more times (for example, abab, abcabc, abcdabcd). If you use your birthdate, for example, and you were born November 11, the PIN would not be accepted by the system. Your best bet is to use a combination of letters and numbers.

What if I forgot my PIN?
If you forget your PIN, click on the Forgot Your PIN? button and an e-mail will be immediately sent to the e-mail address you provided when you created your account. The e-mail will include a link that you can click on to reset your PIN. The link is valid for 3 hours and is active from the time you submit the request.

If you did not provide an e-mail address in your library account, library staff at any branch can assist you with resetting your PIN. Staff cannot see your PIN in your account record, but they can reset it. To safeguard your security, they will need your address and your library card or a current picture ID. For more information, contact your local library.

Can I change my PIN?
Once you are logged into your account, you may change your PIN by clicking Modify PIN.

When I try to use my online account, I receive a message telling me that there is a problem with my account and to speak with library staff.
You may need to renew your library card the next time you visit the library, or you may have exceeded the limit on overdue fines or have longer overdue items. Please contact the library and a staff member will review your record and assist you accordingly. If your library card needs to be renewed, be sure to bring your ID with a valid, current address along with you.

What is a "Preferred Search?"
Preferred Search is a feature that lets you save a search to revisit at a future time. For example, you can do a search on your favorite author. Not only can you save the search to revisit in the future, but you can also select to be notified by e-mail when a new book by your favorite author is available. A preferred search may be for an author, a subject, or even a keyword. A total of 50 preferred searches may be stored to your account.

To create a Preferred Search list:
1. Log in from the Login link on the catalog home page.
2. Perform a search (author, title, subject, keyword, etc.).
4. Click the Save as preferred search button.
5. Now click the Return To Your Record link.
6. Click on the Preferred Searches button/link.
7. Click in the check box below the Mark for E-mail column if you would like to be notified when new materials by the author have arrived.
8. Click the Update List button. When the library receives a new title by your Preferred Search author (or new items according to what you entered as your Preferred Search), you will receive an e-mail notice.

How do I rate an item in the library's collection?
The library's online catalog allows anyone with a Fauquier County library card to rate items in the collection. Please see our ratings page for more details.

How can I keep track of items I've checked out from the library?
Want to review titles you checked out from the library?  You can choose to track your circulation history by subscribing to Reading History. In doing so, you agree to allow the library's automated system to maintain a list of items you have checked out since subscribing to the Reading History service.  Library staff does not have access to your reading history, but with an appropriate court order, it may be possible for law enforcement officials to gain access (under the U.S. Patriot Act) to your reading history without your permission. If this concerns you, you may not wish to subscribe to Reading History. For more information on the confidentiality of library patron records, click here.

To subscribe to Reading History:

  • Log into your account
  • Click on the Reading History button/link
  • Click on the Opt In button

From this point forward, all items you check out will be recorded in your account and will display in the order of checkout.  You may opt out at any time or remove any or all titles from your reading history.  To delete entries, mark the box beside each item and then select Delete Marked.  To delete all entries, select Delete All. To opt out, you will be required to delete all entries before selecting Opt Out.

I'm having problems placing holds/updating my PIN/updating my personal information.
As every person's situation (PC setup, software, web browser, etc.) is unique, we are not always able to reproduce or address errors. However, the following tips can help ensure your ability to access your patron record.

Your browser must be set to accept "cookies" in order to log in and perform functions in your patron record (update your personal information or PIN, place holds, renew items, etc.).. Cookies, as you may know, are pieces of identifying information created by the site and temporarily stored on your hard drive. If your browser is set to not accept cookies, you will unfortunately continue to experience problems logging in and navigating through the site. Depending on what browser you have the choice of enabling cookies is usually located under an Internet Options or Preferences tab. To enable cookies or check to see if they are enabled, please use the following steps:

  1. Click on Tools.
  2. Choose Internet Options.
  3. Click on Privacy tab.
  4. Click on Advanced.
  5. Check the over-ride box.
  6. Enable/accept cookies.
  7. Click on Always allow session cookies.

Clear Your Cache and Cookie Files
If you are using an Internet Explorer browser, please follow these instructions to clear your cache and cookie files:

  1. Open your Internet Explorer browser.
  2. Click on Tools.
  3. Choose Internet Options.
  4. Under the General tab > Browsing History, click Delete Browsing History.
  5. Delete Temporary Internet Files, Cookies and History
  6. Also under Browsing History, click Settings and make sure that your browser automatically checks for newer versions of stored pages.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Restart your browser

Enable Java and Javascript
You must have JavaScript enabled when using the catalog. JavaScript allows certain functions of the catalog to run. Not having JavaScript enabled blocks these functions. If you are using Internet Explorer, please follow the steps below to enable Java:

  1. Click on Tools.
  2. Choose Internet Options.
  3. Click on the Security tab.
  4. Make sure the security level for this zone is no higher than Medium-high.
  5. Click on Custom level.
  6. Scroll down to scripting and make sure that Active scripting is enabled.
  7. Click OK.

Pop-up Blockers
If you use the pop-up blocker function, disable the pop-up blocker for both of the following sites:

  • innopac.fauquiercounty.gov
  • library.fauquiercounty.gov

Content Advisor
If you are using the content advisor feature, you need to have enable access to the library catalog and Web site via Internet Explorer:

  1. Go to Tools.
  2. Click on Internet Options.
  3. Click on Content tab.
  4. Under Content Advisor, if you've enabled, click on Settings.
  5. Under Approved Sites, add library.fauquiercounty.gov and innopac.fauquiercounty.gov.

Firewalls/Security Suites
Sometimes firewalls and security suites block sites, including our online catalog and databases. Specifically, you'll need to check to make sure the software does not block cookies and browser privacy is disabled. In addition, you may need to temporarily disable your firewall to successfully log in. You can then enable your firewall when you are finished using the library's web site. Follow the instruction manual that came with your firewall to disable and enable your firewall.