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Fauquier County Public Library -- FAQs -- Borrowing From the Library

Library Home Page > FAQs > Downloadable Magazines (Zinio)

Frequently Asked Questions

Downloadable Magazines (Zinio)

Can I read magazines offline or must I be connected to the Internet?
Yes, magazines can be read offline by using the Zinio Reader App.

How do I remove magazines from my account?
Log in to your Zinio.com account and click “My Library” at the top of the page. Click the dropdown arrow in the View box to select the magazine you want to remove. Click the Edit button near the top of the screen, then the Remove button under each issue.

Can I print from Zinio?
Printing is available on Zinio using a computer. Printing is not available from a mobile device.In your Zinio.com account, click on “My Library," then, select a magazine. Go to the page you wish to print. Click the Print icon in the bottom left corner.

I already have my own Zinio.com account. Can I use this account for the Library's Zinio Magazine Collection?
Yes! However, make sure to use the same email and password for your Library Zinio Collection account that you used when creating your current Zinio.com account.

I see magazines in my Zinio.com account that I did not select. How did they get there?
From time to time, Zinio may add magazine samples to your account. You can delete them by using the Edit button and selecting “Remove."

I don't see a magazine I want in either the Library's Zinio Magazine Collection or from Zinio.com. Why not?
Some magazine publishers do not allow Zinio to offer their titles for sale or do not allow libraries to make these available through Zinio. Each publisher has their own set of rules around this and they themselves control availability.

How do I get access to a Zinio magazine that is not a part of the Library's Zinio Magazine Collection?
The library has a fixed budget for its Zinio collection, but you can purchase individual subscriptions for titles not available through the Library. Fauquier County Public Library accepts no responsibility for any financial transactions or magazine subscriptions you choose to purchase for your own Zinio.com account.

If I choose to purchase a title that the library doesn't offer, is it added to the library's Zinio Collection?
No, it is not added to the library's Zinio Collection. The library does not receive any payment from these private subscriptions.