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You Asked, We Answer

You Asked, We Answer

Late registration – In response to public requests the Department was about to adopt a revision to the late registration policy but learned that it could pose legal issues for the County. The concept of allowing persons to sign up after a deadline if the class is going sounds simple on the surface but ADA regulations require that all persons be treated the same. If accommodations for disabilities need to be provided then staff needs time to arrange for those accommodations. The Department cannot allow persons who do not need accommodation a longer period to register than persons who do need accommodation. For example, if the standard time to arrange for those accommodations is 3 days before the activity then the deadline for everyone needs to be 3 days before the activity.

Central Sports Complex – In 1999 the Board of Supervisors adopted a plan, and appropriated $3.5 million, for 3 sports complexes in the County. The Northern complex was completed in 2009, the Central site was acquired in 2001, and the Southern site was acquired in August of 2010. The Northern site is comprised of 88 acres and has 8 ball fields, the Central site has 72 acres and planning has now been reactivated on hold indefinitely, and the Southern site is comprised of 201 acres with the initial conceptual plan proposing 21 ballfields.

Swimming pools – In November, 2000 the Board of Supervisors adopted a plan to build 4 swimming pools in the County over the next 15 years (by 2015). In 2003 the eastern pool was opened, in 2003 the County contributed more than $1.3 million to the WARF for the central pool, and an agreement was signed with the Mellon Executors, as part of the arrangement for the contribution toward the Northern Fauquier Community Park, for a pool to be built in northern Fauquier by 2014. A pool in the Southern part of the County has been proposed as part of the Capital Improvement Program for 2017.

Good Times/promotion – beginning in the spring of 2012 publication of Good Times resumed. Since that time program revenue has increased more than 10%, reinforcing the need for print media promotion in Fauquier County. The Department continues to pursue more technologically appropriate and environmentally friendly means of informing the public of services while balancing current public expectations.

Cancellation of programs – Departmental programs must break-even financially. So if registrations are below the minimum then the program will lose money if it is operated and therefore must be cancelled. While holding the program does meet needs and generates some revenue if it is below the budgeted minimum then it would lose money if operated.

Family pool pass – in 2012 the Department implemented a season pass to the Larry Weeks Community Pools. The Department is going to offer the pass again this year along with a discount for “early bird” purchases.

Equestrian – based on ongoing interest from the equestrian community the department is working with the Fauquier Equestrian Forum on a public-private partnership arrangement for trails and a ring at the Stafford property.

Any particular issue you would like to see addressed? Send an email to parks@fauquiercounty.gov

Date Last Modified: 11/19/2013


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