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Criminal Justice Board

Community Criminal Justice Board

The Fauquier/Rappahannock Community Criminal Justice Board was established by resolution of the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors on May 02, l995 in accordance with ยง53.1-183 of the Code of Virginia. This legislation places decisions about local criminal justice programming directly into the hands of the various constituencies representing the criminal justice system. Mandatory appointments to this board include members of the local judiciary, an attorney for the Commonwealth, the Chief Magistrate, the Sheriff, a local government official, an experienced criminal defense attorney, a Community Services Board representative, and a local educator.

The Community Criminal Justice Board's goals include:

  • Allowing localities flexibility in responding to local crime.
  • Facilitating restitution to the victims of crime.
  • Developing and monitoring programs and services to meet the needs of adult and juvenile offenders.
  • Assisting in coordinating school division resources with the needs of the criminal justice system, and
  • Providing the judiciary with services and sentencing alternatives.
  • Reviewing criminal justice grant opportunities.

ACS acts as lead staff and planner for the Community Criminal Justice Board. In recent years, the board has been involved in a number of worthwhile projects including:

  • The development of a domestic violence task force to address the complex issues related to domestic and sexual abuse in our community.
  • The successful procurement of state grant funds to establish the position of Domestic Violence Resource Officer in the Office of the Sheriff.
  • The successful procurement of federal grant funds to provide for training and education on the issue of reducing juvenile delinquency and crime.
  • The development of model policies and protocols in the criminal justice arena.
  • The development of resources for a growing Hispanic population.

In October l997, the Community Criminal Justice Board was featured as a model board of its type at Governor Allen's Forum on Crime. In April 1998, the Board was featured at the State's Community-Oriented Justice Convention for innovative initiatives. The Board was recognized at the International Community Corrections Association Conference in September 1998. In August 1999, the Board was featured at the American Correctional Congress in Denver, and honored by the Virginia Community Criminal Justice Association as the most outstanding board in the Commonwealth.

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