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Victim Impact Panels

Victim Impact Panels

In 2006, the Office of Adult Court Services introduced Victim Impact Panels to Fauquier County. Already being conducted in surrounding localities, Impact Panels serve as a powerful reminder of the dangers of drinking and driving. These panels are comprised of victims of alcohol related crashes who give first hand accounts of how drinking and driving has changed their lives. Panel speakers have either lost loved ones in alcohol related crashes or have been directly involved in one themselves. Most audience members have been convicted of Driving under the Influence or other alcohol related charges and have been court ordered to listen to the panel of speakers. Over 500 people have successfully completed the Impact Panel Program.

In conjunction with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (M.A.D.D), we will hold these panels on a quarterly basis for anyone who would like to attend.

To find out more information about the panel or when they are scheduled, please contact our office at 540-422-8080.

Date Last Modified: 09/08/2011


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