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2016 Fauquier County Farm Product Directory

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Farm Name


Curtis Bros. Drilling & Pump Service, LLC


Well drilling, service and repair; Water system installation and repair; Water line installation; Plumbing services.

Fauquier's Finest Country Butcher Shop


Custom slaughtering and meat processing under USDA inspection; deer processing

Inglewood Farm

Wilbur (Bill) Ritchie


Tilling, planting, harvesting

Weese Paso Fino Farm

Randy and Janet Weese


Manure removal; delivery of sawdust and shavings. Compost also available.

Wildwind Farm

George W. Knaus


Bush Hogging, Mowing - Bealeton Area


Adalia Acres

Kent and Karen Kettell


On-site log milling, cutting logs into lumber.

Autumn Hill Farm

Bill Peters


Angus Beef, Pork, Hay for Sale.

BDA Farming Services, LLC

Big Steve


Farm building construction. Fence repair.

Diamond T Joy Farm

Brandon T. Shrock


All types of field work, ex: disking, planting, harvesting.

Greenfield Farms Alpacas

Chris and Loriann Tenney


Huacaya Alpaca boarding, breeding, brokering and sales.

Mountain View Farm

Ruther E. Allen


Grain Roasting - Roasted Soybeans Available

Russell Farms

Big Steve


Bush Hogging; Hay Making

US Plants

Marc Monroe


A leading provider in interior office landscaping, we provide office plants and containers bringing your office environment to life. We also offer a line of holiday decorations of course plant maintenance comes standard.

Wilson Farms Meat Co., Inc.

Maya Hoenigmann


Specializing in wholesale and retail beef, pork, lamb & poultry; Specialty Handmade International Sausages.


Ashby Glen Farm

Raymond and Margaret Hyde


Custom Sawing, Hardwood Lumber, Custom Mowing

Crooked Run Farm

Angelic and Diana Webber


Animal Rescue - we operate the Webberpack Animal Adoption and Getaway located on 50 acres in Delaplane. We provide a service to the local community by taking in animals from surrounding kill shelters and rehabilitating them for adoption. We also take in found/unwanted animals and help rehome them. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization run by volunteers. Our founders are both veterans.

Franklin Farms

Camden Franklin


Heavy equipment diesel mechanics. Tractors, trucks, loaders, excavators, etc. Contact Mark Franklin, (540)270-9347

Golightly Agricultural Services & Cobbler Mountain Herefords

Tait Golightly


Complete farm and estate care - Planting, Soil Testing, Fertilizer, Lime, Landscaping, Yard Care, Cattle, Horses, Fencing, Equipment, Hay, Straw, Backhoe, Bobcat, Farm Labor, Bush-hogging, Land up-keep, Custom Hauling, building repair and construction, installation of livestock automatic water system; Guaranteed/licensed and insured.

Yellow Rose

Matt Fishback


Hay baling, bush hogging, seeding, snow removal, cattle equipment, hay delivery, hauling

Yew Hill Farm, LLC

Allen Richards


Bush hogging; water line trenching; Seed drilling; backhoe/skid steer services; stump grinding; land clearing and fencing. Marshall, Delaplane, Upperville area.


Camp Camellia Tree Farm, Art, Nature & Wildlife Center

Camellia Blackwell, Ph.D.


Forestry education & Art education, tours & classes. Tree farming, Birding & Wildlife Trail tours. Classes and programs for teachers, students and families. All programs in conjunction w/ VA State Div of Forestry and the VA Dept. of Game/Inland Fisheries; Birding/Wildlife Trail Division. Educational Forest Tours and Art classes by request.

Rock Run Creek Farm

Francis Ngoh


Hardwood/Oak/Hickory firewood available.


P. Callahan & Sons

Peter Callahan


Bush hogging; Gravel road maintenance/grading; Manure removal


Poe Livestock

Ross Poe


Cattle hauling


Cintra Farm

Dr. Rosita A. Whitman & Nancy McCarroll


Firewood and Wood Cutting - 10 acres

Grassland Farm

Mark A. H. Smith


Well fenced grazing areas (orchard grass, timothy, clover).


Cleveland Farm

Madeleine Thomas


Landscaping for area farms and residences.


From Alpha to Omega

Belinda McLawhorn


House & Pet Sitting services. In-home care of all types of animals - pet and farm animals (milk, feed, water, walk, etc.). References available. Free estimates.

Gold Cup Fencing & Stables, Inc.

Dan Rota


Custom Agricultural Builder - equipment buildings, barns, run-in sheds and fencing.

JL Ashby Excavating, LLC

Joe Ashby


Excavation services. Specializing in new roads, ponds and custom site work.


George White Fencing and Supply

Fernando Villavicencio


Construction, repair, painting and maintenance of board, rail, wire, vinyl, picket and privacy fences and gates. Over 30 years experience.

Grasslands Farm

Matt Rose


Local hay making, planting, tillage.


Cow Pie Compost

Jimmy Messick


Cow Pie Compost - organic product; site available for tours, retail sales.

Double JJ Alpacas, LLC

John & Jan Kleindl


Alpaca Lifestyle Training. Would you like to own an alpaca or two? Come train with Jan and John to learn how to care for these wonderful animals. Learn what it takes to keep the animals healthy, what to feed and what we do to keep the farm running. We also board animals for those who want to own but don't have the space. You can come out daily to feed, water & hay or come out on the weekends to spend time with your animals.

O.B. Messick & Sons Inc.

Jimmy Messick


Organic compost for sale.


John King


Aerial photography or farm viewing flights.


Dream Keeper Farm

The Callows


Custom made jewelry, bookkeeping


Heritage Rivers

Eugene and Lana Hankinson


Bee Keeping Services.

Leazer Brothers Drilling & Pump Co.

Bob Leazer


Well water drilling; Well pumps; Livestock waterers installed; Water lines installed; Pressure tank replacements; Irrigation wells installed. 24/7 Emergency Services.

Lynrose Angus

Michael and Lynne Markley


No-till seeding and pasture renovation.

Woodward Turf Farms, Inc.

Cindy Woodward


Sod available for sale - Fescue, Bluegrass Riveria, North Bridge, Latitude, Zoysia

The Plains

Mary's Alpaca @ Cedar Hill

Mary Forte


Organic fertilizer composted from alpaca manure. Packaged in individual t-bags; biodegradable and mess free. The best food for your garden and potted plants.

Vint Hill

Vint Hill Craft Winery

Chris Pearmund


Teaching/Tasting Bar overlooks wine production area; sample great wines while you watch every step in the winemaking process. For those ready to learn even more, Vintner program provides the opportunity to craft your own wine.


Blue Ridge Fence Company

Bryant Smith Mike Nicholson


Construction and repair of agricultural fencing.

Crestone Farms

Henry Fletcher


Organic black dirt & manure for gardens & flower beds; available by pick-up load. Call ahead.

Forest View Farm

Kenneth L. Ortberg


Barn lease and pasture available.

Glenview Farms, LLC

Paul & Launa Glennon


Veterinary care for injured, retired show horses.

Monomoy Farm

John Pennington


Excavation - ponds, spring developments, livestock waterers, riding arenas, barn pads, fenceline clearing, road construction and repair.

Moriah Farm

Sid Rodgers


Custom rowcrop planting & harvesting. Seeding small grain and grass seed.

Red Brook Farm

Dan and Mary K. Seely


Experienced pet sitting services at our home or yours (large & small animals).

Singletree Farm

Carl Cox


Horse and small livestock transport - local and long distance. Bush hogging, no-till seeding, chain horrowing, grading and hauling.

Virginia Horse Journal

Dean V. and Darlene Jacobson


Monthly equestrian publication, website and business directory. Opportunity for advertising horses, and all related products. Also call toll free: 888-975-4007

Virginia Waters & Wetlands, Inc.

Andrew Hindman


Environmental consulting services including pond construction, tree planting, management and wetland construction. VA Waters & Wetlands, Inc. pays landowners to restore streams & help the environment. Pond maintenance and monitoring.

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