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Questions about
Bonds or the Fauquier County Bonding Process?

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Services Staff
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Bonding or acceptable performance guarantees for all public infrastructure, stormwater management, and erosion and sediment control is required prior to the release of approved site plans, construction plans for subdivisions, and prior to the approval of subdivision plats, unless otherwise exempted by the County.

In the case of major site plans and construction plans, the review and approval of the engineer’s estimate for the cost of these improvements is done with the plan.

For a detailed outline of the Bonding process for Subdivisions and Site Plans, please see the following:

In the case of approved projects where a bond or performance guarantee was not submitted or approved by the County or where a bond/performance guarantee is required by the County in conjunction with the issuance of a Land Disturbing Permit, the following steps are required for County approval:

Step 1: Bond Estimate Review

Submission Requirements:

  • Land Development Application (DOC or PDF) with original signatures
  • Fee Check: : $450 for bond < $300,000
                            $900 for bond > $300,000
  • Bond Estimate Review Spreadsheet (Excel Spreadsheet) or Bond Estimate Review Spreadsheet (PDF) based on County’s Unit Price List with engineer's seal and signature
  • Signed and sealed Bond Estimate Review Spreadsheet
  • Digital copy of Bond Estimate Review Spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel format
  • CD containing individual PDFs of all submission materials - do not include any financial information (i.e. copy of checks or the fee calculation sheet)

Based upon the review of the Bond Estimate Submission, the County will set the Bond Amount and Land Disturbing Permit Fee.

Step 2: Bond Documentation Review

Submission Requirements:

  • Signed original Letter of Credit, Land Developer’s Bond or Land Disturber’s Bond, as appropriate (Sample documents provided below).
  • Land Developer Agreement or Land Disturber’s Agreement, as appropriate (Sample documents provided below).

Other Timing/Approval Requirements:

  • In the case of approved plans where a bond/performance guarantee was not approved, a copy of the approved plan shall be submitted as part of the Bond Estimate Review.
  • A Bond Estimate Review application may be submitted with (or anytime after) the submission of the final signature set or approval of the plan.
  • The Bond Estimate Review process may take up to thirty (30) days.  Once the review is complete, a letter outlining the required bond amount, setting the land disturbing permit fee and referencing the bond documents needed for final approval, will be sent to the applicant by Develoment Services Staff.

General Information

  • More information about the bonding process and requirements can be found in Chapter 8 of the Fauquier County Design Standards Manual:  Performance Guarantee

Bonding for Public Water/Sewer

  • Any project that is served by public water and/or sewer must bond water and/or sewer improvements with the service provider directly. Please contact the appropriate service provider to obtain specific information pertaining to their bond program requirements. Confirmation of water and/or sewer improvements being bonded with the service provider must be demonstrated prior to Final Plat approval or release of the Site Plan.

Sample Documents

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