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Alphabetical List of All Community Development Forms and Checklists

Alphabetical List of All Community Development Forms and Checklists

Accessibility Compliance Form
Administrative Subdivision Checklist
Agricultural Affidavit
Agricultural and Forestal District Supplemental Application
Asbestos Certification Form
As-Built Requirements for SWM/BMP Facilities

Basement Details - Finished
Bond Reduction
Bond Reduction/Release Application
Bond Release
Boundary Line Adjustment Checklist
Buildable Lot Determination Application
Building Permit

Commercial Worksheet
Commercial/Industrial Permit Brochure/Checklist
Conflict of Interest Statement
Contractor Business License Exemption Form
Contractor Identification Form
Comprehensive Plan Amendment Checklist

Deed of Easement
Deed of Ingress-Egress Easement
Easement Plat Checklist
Erosion and Sediment Control Checklist/Major Plans
Erosion and Sediment Checklist/Small Land Disturbing Permits
ESI Checklists available on the ESI website

Family Transfer Checklist
Family Transfer Affidavit
Farm Structure Affidavit
Fee Schedule: Land Development Applications
Fee Schedule: Building Permit Applications
Final Construction Plan Revision (minor)
Final SWM/BMP Checklist
Floodplain Determination Letter Application 
Floodplain Study Checklist
Guest House Affidavit

Home Occupation Permit Application
Land Development Application
Land Developer’s Agreement (Sample for Subdivisions)
Land Developer’s Agreement (Sample for Site Plans)
Land Developer’s Bond (Sample for Subdivisions)
Land Developer’s Bond (Sample for Site Plans)
Land Disturber’s Agreement (Sample)
Land Disturber’s Bond (Sample)
Land Disturbing Permit-Single Family Dwelling Application
Land Disturbing Permit Supplemental Application
Large Lot Subdivision Checklist
Letter of Credit (Sample)

Mechanics Lien Agent Form
Minor Site Plan Checklist
Non-Residential Division Checklist
Off-Site Soil Tracking Form

Preliminary SWM/BMP Checklist
Plat of Vacation/Lot Consolidation Checklist
Posting Affidavit
Pre-Application Meeting Form
Pre-Application Meeting Checklist
Required Inspections
Residential Permit Brochure/Checklist
Residential Worksheet
Rezoning Checklist

Sign Permit
Site Plan Amendment Checklist
Site Plan Waiver Checklist
Soils Policy Form
Special Exception Checklist
Special Inspections Reporting Forms
Special Permit Checklist 
Stormwater Management/BMP Agreement
Street Acceptance Checklist (Form SA-1)
Street Acceptance Project Data Sheet (Form SA-2)
Street Acceptance Segment Data Sheet (Form SA-3)
Street Acceptance As-Built Utility Checklist Package (Form SA-4)
Street Acceptance As-Built Utility Verification Checklist (Form SA-5)
Street Sign Pricing List (See GIS webpage)
Subdivision Potential Application
Swimming Pool Barrier Affidavit

Tenant House Affidavit
Third Party Inspections Approved Agency Form
Third Party Inspections Employee Data Form
Third Party Inspections Reporting Forms
Third Party Inspections Responsible Party Form
TIA: Pre-Scope of Meeting Application Form
TIA: Scope of Meeting Checklist
TIA: Comprehensive Plan or Plan Amendment Checklist
TIA: Rezoning Package Checklist
TIA: Subdivision or Site Plan Package Checklist

Unit Price List for Bonding
Utility Plat Checklist
VDOT Entrance Permit Checklist
VDOT Subdivision Checklist
VDOT Site Plan Checklist
VDOT Preliminary Subdivision and Site Plan Checklist
Well Agreement (Sample)
Zoning Compliance Letter Application
Zoning Permit

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