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Fauquier County Connection Plan - Bike Plan

Fauquier County Connections Plan - BOS Adopted November 15, 2007

Table of Contents

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Plan Cover


Chapter 1: Executive Summary

Chapter 2: Introduction

The Importance of Bicycling and Walking in Fauquier County
Policy Context
Planning Context
Planning Process

Chapter 3: Vision and Goals

Goal 1: Connectivity
Goal 2: Environmental/Quality of Life
Goal 3: Recreation and Health
Goal 4: Education and Promotion
Goal 5: Funding
Chapter 4: Existing Conditions
Bicycling Conditions
Walking Conditions
Existing Off-Road Trails
Chapter 5: Network and Policy Recommendations
Action 1: Open Space/Greenway Land Preservation
Action 2: Inclusion in Development Projects
Action 3: School Policies
Action 4: Institutional Framework
Action 5: Maintenance and Management
Chapter 6: Program Recommendations
Action 6: Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Education
Action 7: Safe Routes to School
Action 8: Health and Fitness Encouragement Programs
Action 9: Employee Commute Incentive Programs
Action 10: Staff Training
Action 11: Enforcement
Action 12: Access to Future Transit
Chapter 7: Implementation Plan
Funding Sources
Appendix A: Federal Transportation Policies
Appendix B: Facility Design Information
Appendix C: Trail Maintenance
Appendix D: Recommendations for Sidewalk Ordinance
Warrenton Service District

Calverton Village Service District

Catlett Village Service District

Midland Village Service District

Remington Service District

Bealeton Service District

Opal Service District

New Baltimore Service District

Marshall Service District

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