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A rezoning allows a property owner to use a parcel of land in a manner not specifically permitted by its current zoning. A rezoning is required when a property owner or tenant desires to change the current uses allowed for a property.

The application, available in the Planning Office, must meet the submission requirements of the Zoning Ordinance including submission of a Concept Development Plan which generally depicts the design and layout of the proposed development, a Statement of Justification describing the request and a Conflict of Interest Statement concerning the ownership of the property. A filing fee, based on the type of rezoning requested, must be paid at the time the application is filed.

Rezoning applications in Fauquier County go through a two-step public hearing process. The first public hearing is before the Planning Commission, which makes an advisory recommendation to the Board of Supervisors. The second public hearing is held by the Board of Supervisors, which makes the decision on whether the rezoning application is approved or denied. An appeal of a decision of the Board of Supervisors may be filed in Circuit Court within thirty (30) days of the Board of Supervisor's decision.

The review process for a rezoning generally takes a minimum of four (4) months. However, the process may be delayed due to the circumstances of the individual application or because the applicant has asked that the request be tabled.

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