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Fauquier County Street Inspection / Street Acceptance Procedures


I) Street Inspection Submission Requirements

Step 1: Submit Street Inspection Request Forms. This includes:

  • Land Development Application (DOC or PDF) with original signatures
  • Video Inspection Report
  • Street Inspection Checklist (Form SA-1)
  • Fee Calculation Sheet with $500 Fee Check
  • CD containing individual PDFs of all submission materials - do not include any financial information (i.e. copy of checks or the fee calculation sheet)

Step 2: County will send the applicant a letter stating that either the streets are eligible for acceptance, in which case move to Step 3, OR County will send the applicant a “punch list”. If a punch list is received, applicant starts the process over with Step 1.

II) Street Acceptance Submission Requirements

Step 3: Submit Completed Street Acceptance Request Forms. To include:

  • Land Development Application
    (Choose* Microsoft Word Format or Acrobat PDF Format) with original signatures
  • Fee calculation sheet with $500 basic fee check plus an additional $400 for every street segment
  • Project Data Sheet (Form SA-2)
  • Segment Data Sheet (Form SA-3)
  • Recorded deeds of dedication
  • CD containing individual PDFs of all submission materials - do not include any financial information (i.e. copy of checks or the fee calculation sheet)
  • Recorded plats to include the following information:
    • Distances of centerline from intersection to intersection- each segment is a separate distance.
    • For offset cul-de-sacs be sure to include the distance to the center of the cul-de-sac.
    • For all cul-de-sacs include radius to the right-of-way line. The distance should be included in length of street calculations
    • Include distance in both directions from centerline of intersection to nearest intersections in the State system
    • Label dedication distance along frontage at both ends of the project and at the centerline.
    • Show right-of-way width for all street segments and each distance from centerline.
    • Show each line length and radium, arc length on a street segment and show total to intersection
  • Asbuilt Utility Checklist Package (Form SA-4) along with all utility permit applications
  • Asbuilt Utility Verification Checklist (Form SA-5)

Step 4: “Eligibility Letter” will be issued by the VDOT Culpeper District office. The letter will include the maintenance bond amount to be posted with VDOT. Once the maintenance bond has been posted, the streets can be added to the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors agenda, and accepted by the County. After the County has accepted the streets, they will be turned over to the Commonwealth Transportation Board for addition into the State System of Highways.

Step 5: Request bond release

III) Additional Information


Date Last Modified: 06/08/2015


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