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CodeRed and CodeRed Weather Warning

CodeRed and CodeRed Weather Warning
Fauquier County Emergency Notification System

Fauquier County has upgraded its emergency notification system to CodeRed and CodeRed Weather Warning. CodeRed and CodeRed Weather Warning are both products of Emergency Communications Network, Inc.

CodeRed is a web based service that enables the County to provide mass notification quickly and easily. Notifications may include evacuations, missing person alerts, hazardous materials incident, flooding, and other emergency incidents where rapid and accurate notification is essential for life safety. Messages are delivered by phone call, text and email.

CodeRed Weather Warning uses National Weather Service’s polygon methodology to notify only citizens in the path of projected weather (severe thunderstorm, tornado and flash flood) which increases relevance and reduces false alarms. CodeRed Weather Warning is an opt-in only service. Signup by clicking on the image below. Weather Warnings are delivered to a home, business or cell phone number. To unsubscribe from CodeRED Weather Warning only, call 800-566-9780 from the telephone number receiving the messages. Choose Option 2 to delete the number from the Weather Warning System.

To ensure you receive emergency notifications signup by clicking on the image below.

Click here to sign up for Code Red notifications.

CodeRed Frequently Asked Questions

To unsubscribe from the CodeRed notifications, please email the name and number that is receiving the messages and it will be put on the "Do Not Call" list.

CodeRed Weather Frequently Asked Questions

"To unsubscribe from CodeRED Weather Warning please call 800-566-9780 from the phone you wish to remove.

Date Last Modified: 07/15/2013


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