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Recycling Education

Recycling Education

Elementary School Age Programs


The Wartville Wizard by Don Madden
What:  Presentation of anti-litter story, hands-on recycling activity and visit with Ed E Earth, The Nature Ranger Rabbit.
Who: Ideal for K-2nd grade
Where: In classroom or larger meeting area at the school
How Long: Program lasts approximately 40-45 minutes

“Rigsby’s Rally” Puppet Show
What: Entertaining puppet show with park animals telling the story of how litter hurts our environment
Who: Ideal for preschool-2nd grade
Where: In the classroom or larger meeting area
How Long: Program lasts about 15-20 minutes

Incredible Edible Landfill
What: The creation of an edible landfill that teaches the many layers of a modern day landfill and how we can use recycling to keep it from filling up. Yummy snack provided.
Who: Ideal for 1st-4th grades
Where: In the classroom
How Long: Program lasts about 15-20 minutes

The Coolest Can
What: Learn how the aluminum can is made and participate in can collection and team building skills. Then close the loop on recycling with a show and tell.
Who: Ideal for 1st-5th grades
Where: In the classroom
How Long: Program lasts about 45-50 minutes

The Earth Wheel Game:
What: Spin the wheel and find your category then answer the question to get points for your team.
Who: All ages. Questions best for 3rd grade and up.
Where: Anywhere you want us to set up!
How Long: 30-40 minutes

The Nature Ranger Rabbit, “Ed E. Earth”
What: At the conclusion of each program listed on the previous page, a friendly, real life size rabbit will visit bearing gifts and brochures for the students and teachers.
Who: Ideal for preschool-2nd
Where: In the classroom
How Long: Program lasts 10 minutes

Specific programs can be developed for your particular needs, please email us for more details.

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