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Cost Share Program

Virginia Agricultural Best Management Practices (BMP) Cost-Share Program

This program provides technical assistance and financial incentives to assist with the installation of approved conservation practices that improve and protect water quality. The state provides Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCDs) with funding to target specific areas with existing water quality problems stemming from animal waste, cropland,and pastureland.

The cost-share program offers 75 percent cost-share for the use and/or installation of many BMPs. Other BMPs (i.e., cover crops) are paid at a straight per acre rate. Funding availability varies between SWCDs. Individuals may receive $50,000 in a program year; however, additional funding may be available for certain practices (i.e., animal waste systems and livestock exclusion systems). In many cases, the practices often can be funded by a combination of state, federal and even private funds, reducing the landowner’s expense to less than 20 percent of the total cost.

The most an individual may receive in any one year is $50,000.00. The state cost-share payment, combined with federal payments, will not exceed 75 percent of the total eligible costs, or the straight per acre rate.

All practices in the program have been selected because of their ability to improve and protect water quality. Many also may increase farm productivity by reducing soil erosion, reducing nutrient losses, and improving livestock health.

Virginia Agricultural BMP Tax Credit Program

This program, which began in 1996, supports the voluntary installation of BMPs to improve water quality. Agricultural producers with an approved conservation plan can take a credit against state income tax of 25 percent for eligible BMP expenses. The tax credit amount cannot exceed $17,500 or the total state income tax obligation for the given year, but any excess expenses can be carried over for up to five years.

BMPs, if approved, will be inspected by the SWCD after installation. Soon after inspection, landowners will receive a tax credit approval or cost-share payments from the local SWCD.

Conservation Equipment Tax Credit Program

This program seeks to encourage farmers to use precision agricultural equipment for conservation. Sprayers for pesticides and liquid fertilizers; pneumatic fertilizer applicators; monitors, computer regulators, and height adjustable booms for sprayers and liquid fertilizer applicators; manure applicators; tramline adapters; and starter fertilizer banding attachments for planters qualify for a tax credit of 25 percent of the equipment purchase or $3,750.00, whichever is less, in the year of purchase. Conservation tillage equipment is eligible for a 25 percent tax credit, not to exceed $2,500.00. The equipment must meet state-established criteria, and the farmer must have a current nutrient management plan approved by the local SWCD.

46 BMPs Qualify for State Income Tax Credit, 34 BMPs Qualify for Cost-Share*

State Code Description of practice BMPs
FR-1 Reforestation of Erodible Crop and Pastureland*
FR-3Woodland Buffer Filter Area*
FR-4Woodland Erosion Stabilization*
LE-1TLivestock Exclusion with Riparian Buffers for TMDL Implementation
LE-2TLivestock Exclusion with Reduced Setback for TMDL Implementation
NM-1Nutrient Management Plan Writing and Revisions
NM-3Sidedress Application of Nitrogen on Corn
NM-3BManure Application to Corn Using Pre-sidedress Nitrate Test to Determine Need for Sidedress Nitrogen
NM-4Late Winter Split Application of Nitrogen on Small Grain
SE-1 Vegetative Stabilization of Marsh Fringe Areas*
SE-2Shoreline stabilization
SL-1 Permanent Vegetative Cover on Cropland*
SL-3 Stripcropping Systems*
SL-3BBuffer stripcropping*
SL-4 Terrace System*
SL-5 Diversion*
SL-6 Grazing Land Protection*
SL-6ASmall Acreage Grazing System
SL-6BAlternative Water System
SL-8 Protective Cover for Specialty Crops*
SL-8B Small Grain Cover Crop for Nutrient Management*
SL-8H Harvestable Cover Crop
SL-11 Permanent Vegetative Cover Crop on Critical Areas*
SL-11B Farm Road or Heavy Traffic Animal Travel Lane Stabilization
SL-15A Continuous No-till System
SL-15B Continuous No-till Forage Production System
WP-1 Sediment Retention, Erosion or Water Control Structure*
WP-2 Streambank Protection*
WP-2A Streambank Stabilization*
WP-2B Stream Crossings & Hardened Accesses
WP-2C Stream Channel Stabilization
WP-2D Maintenance of Stream Exclusion Fencing
WP-3 Sod Waterway*
WP-4 Animal Waste Control Facility*
WP-4B Loafing Lot Management System*
WP-4C Composter Facility*
WP-4D Soil Test in Support of Nutrient Management Plan
WP-4E Animal Waste Structure Pumping Equipment
WP-4F Animal Mortality Incinerator Facility*
WP-5 Stormwater Retention Pond
WP-6 Agricultural Chemical and Fertilizer Handling Facility*
WP-7 Surface Water Runoff Impoundment for Water Quality
WP-8 Relocation of Confined Feeding Operations from Environmentally Sensitive Areas
WQ-1 Grass Filter Strips*
WQ-4 Legume Cover Crop*
WQ-5 Water Table Control Structure*
WQ-6 Constructed Wetlands
WQ-6B Wetland Restoration
WQ-7 Irrigation Water Recycling System
WQ-8 Fuel Storage Treatment
WQ-9 Capping/plugging Abandoned Wells
WQ-10 Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
WQ-11 Agricultural Sinkhole Protection*
*indicates practice qualifies for both tax credit and agricultural BMP cost-share programs.

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Date Last Modified: 05/21/2009


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