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Fauquier County Public Library -- FAQs -- Borrowing From the Library

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Frequently Asked Questions

Borrowing From the Library

For how long can I check out materials?
All library materials (books, DVDs, etc.) circulate for 21 days. Most items can be renewed at least once, while new and high demand items cannot be renewed. Reference materials are not available for check out. See our FAQs for more information on how to renew items.

How many items may I check out at a time?
It depends on the material. Please refer to the chart below:

Item Type

Loan Period


Check Out Limits

New Books 21 days 0 None
Books 21 days 2 5 per subject area (nonfiction only)
New Audio Books (cassette) 21 days 0 5
Audio Books (cassette) 21 days 2 10
New CD Books 21 days 0 5
CD Books 21 days 1 5
Juvenile CD Books 21 days 2 5
Videos (VHS) 21 days 0 10
DVDs 21 days 0 5
Magazines 21 days 0 None
Music CDs 21 days 0 10
Storytimes to Go 21 days 2 None
USBs 21 days 0 1

May I return my library materials to any branch?
Yes. Your items may be returned to any Fauquier County public library.

What if I want a book that isn't owned by the Fauquier County Public Library?
If the library does not have a book or other material that you wish to read or use, you may request that we purchase this material by filling out a purchase suggestion form online or in person. Your suggestion will be reviewed by library staff for possible purchase. You may also request that an item be brought in from another library for your use. This is known as an interlibrary loan, and is a service provided by your local library's reference department. Upon request, we will borrow books on your behalf from out-of-town libraries. You then return the books to us and we'll ship them back to their home library. For more information on interlibrary loans, click here.