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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a “hold“?
When you place an item on “hold” at the library (also called a "request" in your online account), your name is placed on a waiting list of individuals who wish to check out the item. A hold also allows you to specify that your item(s) be delivered to your local library. If you place a hold on an item and the person who currently has it wishes to renew it, s/he will not be allowed to do so because the hold will prevent the renewal. You will be notified by e-mail or phone when your hold is available and the date by which it must be picked up. You may place a hold at any public service desk, at the library computers, or from home via the library's online catalog. Please note that you are limited to fifty (50) holds at any one time.

How do I place a hold?
Call your local branch library and place a hold through public service staff.

To place a hold online, search for the desired item in the library catalog. From a list of search results, find the desired item and click on the Place Hold link. You will be asked to log in to your library account to complete your request.

Follow the instructions on the Log in to your Account screen by entering your name, library card number and Personal Identification Number (PIN) and then click the Submit button.

Next, you will see a screen with the title of the item you requested and your Pickup Location to which the first available copy will be delivered. Your Pickup Location will default to your home library - you can change this if needed. You also have the option to Cancel if not filled by if you do not want to keep a hold on the item after a particular date - otherwise, leave this blank and click on Submit.

If the item you requested has more than one volume (i.e., an issue of a particular magazine), you will see a list from which you may select the volume number and location. If you want a specific issue of a magazine (June 2007, for example), make sure you look at the Vol. column and to locate the correct date/issue. Choose the volume you wish to select and click on the Request Selected Item button at the end of the list.

You will be notified by e-mail or telephone when your hold is available.

How do I place a hold on a specific issue of a magazine or specific season in a DVD series?

  1. Perform a search (title, keyword, etc.) for the magazine/periodical/DVD series, etc., you’re looking for (i.e., Southern Living);
  2. Select/view the record that is specifically for the magazine/periodical/DVD series (i.e., Southern Living magazine);
  3. Click Place a Hold;
  4. Log in to your account (you will be prompted to do so if not logged in);
  5. Confirm pickup location and the optional "cancel if not filled by" date;
  6. Mark the item on the Item Selection Form - please note that you can only select one item at a time;
  7. Click the Request Selected Item button at the bottom of the Item Selection Form;
  8. If you want to select more issues, click on the Return to Record link/button and continue with steps 3-7;

I'm going out of town. Can I make sure my requested items don't come in while I'm away?
Yes, if the item you want to place a hold on is currently checked out or has holds pending. If you're going on vacation and don't want to lose your place in line, simply place a FREEZE on your items. First log in to your library account by clicking on the Log in to your account link on our home page. Once logged in, click on Requests (Holds). Select the checkbox under the FREEZE column and then click on the UPDATE LIST button. Click Yes on the intermediary screen to verify the request to freeze. When you come back from vacation, again log in to your account, deselect your items and click on the UPDATE LIST button.
***Please note that not all requests can be frozen, specifically if the requested item is AVAILABLE or is already ON THE HOLDSHELF for you. If the item you are trying to freeze is not currently checked out or does not have holds pending, you will get a message stating that "the hold can not be frozen."***

How do I request multiple items?
As you find items in the catalog that you'd like to obtain, click the checkbox located on the left side of the screen showing your search results. You can then "Add Marked to Bag." Once you're finished searching the catalog, click on the View Bag button located at the top of the page. Then click on the Request Saved button. If you haven't already logged in to your account from the home page, you will need to enter in your name, library card and PIN. You will need to choose a pickup location for any items you request. Otherwise, once you are logged in to your account, you can place a hold on any item as you are browsing/searching the catalog.

What do the different status categories mean in my requests (holds) list when I log in to my online account?
10 of 24 holds, for example, means you are number 10 out of 24 people waiting for that particular title.
In transit means a hold (may or may not be your hold) has been pulled and is on its way to the location selected for pick-up.
Ready. Must Pick up by, followed by a date, means your hold is waiting for you to pick up at the location you have selected, and must be picked up by the date shown.