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Fauquier County Public Library -- FAQs -- Using the Online Catalog

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Frequently Asked Questions

Using the Online Catalog

How do I search if I don’t remember the complete title?
Even if you don’t remember the complete title, you can still search using the words you do remember by doing a keyword search. "Keywords" are any significant words in the title, the author’s name or the subject headings. You can enter any words, in any order, and the catalog will try to find a match. Keyword searching is a powerful tool, and many different types of searches are possible. If you’d like to learn more about it, please consult our search tips on the Advanced Keyword Search page.

How can I find materials that are available at my branch?
From the library catalog search screen, click on the View Entire Collection drop-down menu and select your branch (Warrenton library users should keep View Entire Collection as their choice as the majority of titles will include a copy for the Warrenton library). Then type in the appropriate keywords, title, author or subject and click the Search Catalog button. Please note that you must View Entire Collection in order to see electronic books (e-books and e-audio books).

How can I find items in a particular format, such as a CD, DVD, video, musical score, etc?
From the catalog search screen, click on the Advanced Search button. You will be taken to the Advanced Keyword screen where you can select the desired format from the Material Type box.

How do I find large print books?
There are two ways to find large print books.

(1) Search by subject. On the library catalog search screen, select SUBJECT from the first drop-down menu and type in "large type books" (this will bring up more choices than if you typed "large print"). Click on the Go button. You will see two categories, one for adults and a separate category for juvenile literature.

(2) Search by call number. On the library catalog search screen, select CALL NO from the first drop-down menu and type in "LP*" to get a set of results that includes all large print items. If you'd like to limit the large print titles to fiction, you can search on "LPF." If you'd like to limit your search to large print biographies, you can search on "LPB." If you'd like to limit your search to large print nonfiction categories, you can search on "LP" and include the Dewey Decimal Classification System series number , for example, "LP 5**" to get all large print titles in the natural sciences and mathematics category (500) .

How do I find nonfiction books on a specific subject?
The library organizes its nonfiction collection according to the Dewey Decimal Classification System.

How do I create a book list/bibliography?
The Add to Bag and My List features can be used to create a list of selected titles (a bibliography) while performing a search in the online catalog. This list can then be viewed online, e-mailed to a designated e-mail account or saved to a local disk if accessing the online catalog from your home computer. You can also save to an online list (My Lists) in your online account if you want to keep a record of titles to read/check out at a later time.

Steps for creating a book list/bibliography:

  1. Perform a search (author, title, subject, etc.);
  2. When you find items you're interested in, click in the check boxes on the left side of the search results screen, to the left of the item number.
  3. Click on the View Saved button on your results page;
  4. If you want to place holds on the items, choose Request Saved; if you want to export a list to use as a bibliography, choose Export Saved; if you want to save the list of items to your online account (a "to do" list), choose Add to My Lists;
  5. If you choose Export Saved, you'll be prompted to choose the format of the display for your list/bibliography. The Brief Display fits most people's needs, as it includes the author, title, publisher information and the call number. You'll also have to choose to e-mail your list to a designated e-mail address, view online or save to a local disk if you're using your home computer.
  6. If you opt to Request Saved or Add to My Lists, you'll be prompted to log in to your account (if you haven't already logged in). If you choose to Add to My Lists, you can create a new list or save the items to a list you've already created.