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Fauquier County Public Library -- Library Volunteer Application

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Fauquier County Public Library Volunteer Application

Thank you for your interest in volunteering. All volunteers must be 13 years of age or older and are asked to commit to six month of service to the Library. Anyone under the age of 18 will require a parent/guardian signature on or before the first day of assignment. Applicants will be contacted when a volunteer position is available.

Please fill out following application (* indicates a required field) using the online form below. All information on this application is confidential and for library use only. Please view our policies on patron confidentiality and privacy for details.

You may also print out the volunteer application and return a completed version to library staff.


* Last Name:  *First Name:  M.I.: 


*Address:   Street:    City:  Zip: 

*Telephone: (xxx-xxx-xxxx) Day:  Evening: 

Emergency Contact:   Name:    Phone: 

Why are you interested in becoming a library volunteer?

Please, briefly describe any past (and present) paid work experience:

Have you ever volunteered before:  

If yes, where and what types of duties did you perform:

Do you have any skills or talents you would be willing to share with us for library projects or special programs (such as artistic, gardening, computer skills, etc.)?:

Please describe any physical limitations you might have that might exclude activities such as bending, stretching, climbing on step stools, carrying bags of books, or sitting for long periods:

Please indicate the library location where you would like to volunteer: 

Please indicate your preference for day and time of volunteer service:

Day:     Time: 

Please supply us with names and telephone numbers (if possible) of two people who could give you a recommendation:

1. Name:    Phone: 

2. Name:    Phone: 

If you are under 18, what is your birthdate:  

A signature from a parent/guardian will be required for volunteers under the age of 18.