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Warrenton Branch Greenway

Warrenton Branch Greenway

Warrenton Branch Greenway. This trail, located at the end of South 4th Street, is open daily for your recreational leisure time. This combination path and historic area has become a focal point for downtown Warrenton.

Utilizing a Virginia Department of Transportation grant, Fauquier Trails Coalition, the Town of Warrenton, and the Parks and Recreation Department have cooperated to develop this important walking/biking trail along the old Warrenton Branch spur line. The trail stretches a distance of 1.48 miles, from the railyard trail head behind the Claire's at the Depot restaurant in downtown Warrenton to the Old Meetz Trailhead on the cul-de-sac at Old Meetze Road, adjacent to Warrenton Mini Storage. In addition to the actual work on trail installation, the old turntable has also been uncovered. This special piece of county history was abandoned and covered by the railroad in 1951 due to the advent of train engines that could run in both directions. Now it provides a glimpse into a by-gone period.

A park/plaza area with a railroad theme has also been constructed behind the Clair's Restaurant. There is a small parking area and plans for an amphitheater with a railroad flat car to be used as a stage. A short section of rail line has been installed by the Piedmont Railroaders Club for the retired caboose, that was donated by the Norfolk and Western Railroad. Painstakingly restored by the Piedmont Railroaders, it is indeed a major focal point for this facility. 

Volunteer Opportunities:

We Care Patrols - Help provide assistance to trail users, and report suspicious behavior and potential problems to county/town officials. The Fauquier Trails Coalition is working to set up these patrols.

History Buffs - Photos, memorabilia, research on any aspects of the railroad in Fauquier County are needed to help convey the history of railroading in Fauquier. All exhibits will be housed in the caboose.

Important Helpers - The Fauquier Trails Coalition kept the original dream of a trail on the old spur alive and are now working to increase the trail and open space available to county citizens throughout the county. They meet the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the Warrenton Community Center, and we are always looking for "Worker Bees".

For these and many other volunteering opportunities just call. There is always something you can help with!

Date Last Modified: 07/03/2012


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