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Procurement Solicitations

Current Solicitations:

NOTE: Changes and addenda to the solicitation may occur prior to bid closing and/or opening. It is the Bidder's responsibility to check this listing frequently.

Bids provided on-line are in Adobe Acrobat format and require an Acrobat Reader to download. Download Acrobat Reader now:  

Title: Construction Projects less than $50,000

Ref Num: #74-99

Bid Due Date: on-going

Title: Discount Program, Local Vendors

Ref Num: RFP#01-11bw

Pre-bid/proposal Conference: n/a

Bid Due Date: on-going

Title: Cost Accounting Services

Ref Num: RFP #54-15jw

Bid Due Date: 05/14/2015 @ 3:00p.m.

Title: Charter Bus Services (Re-issued)

Ref Num: RFP #59-14/15jw

Bid Due Date: 05/07/2015 @ 3:00p.m.

Title: Building Control Systems, Phase III

Ref Num: IFB #58-15jw

Pre-bid/proposal Conference: 4/22/2015 @9:00a.m.

Bid Due Date: 05/05/2015 @ 3:00p.m.

Title: Turf Management for Athletic Fields

Ref Num: RFP 56-15sh

Pre-bid/proposal Conference: April 15, 2105 @ 1pm

Bid Due Date: 05/15/2015 @ 2:30pm

Title: Professional Engineering Services for Municipal Solid Waste Transfer Station

Ref Num: RFP #60-15jw (Addendum #1, dtd 4/13/15)

Pre-bid/proposal Conference: April 15, 2015 at 9:00a.m.

Bid Due Date: 05/06/2015 @ 3:00p.m.

Title: Solid Waste and Recycling Hauling Services

Ref Num: RFP #61-15jw

Pre-bid/proposal Conference: 4/22/2015 @11:00am

Bid Due Date: 05/14/2015 @ 3:00pm

Title: Transportation Planning, Engineering & Consulting Services

Ref Num: RFP# 55-15sm

Bid Due Date: 05/14/2015 @ 2:30 p.m.

Date Last Modified: 02/22/2013


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