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County of Fauquier
2014 Board of Equalization Online Request to Schedule an Appeal

Scheduling will begin March 24, 2014

In accordance with VA Code § 58.1-3331; subject to restrictions of VA Code § 58.103, you have the right to examine within the Reassessment Office any documentation, if any, used or considered in the derivation on your assessment. To meet the requirements of VA Code § 58.1-3331, all hearings will be scheduled a minimum of 45 days after a hearing is requested.

You must submit a separate appeal request for each property that is to be appealed.

Please complete and submit the form below to request a hearing:

Today's Date: April 18, 2014 01:32 AM

PIN  (13 digit Parcel Identification Number) :

PIN Owner(s) : Please separate multiple names with a comma.

911 Address   (street name & number only; leave this field blank for the properties without a 911 address):


If you feel the assessed value is not fair market value, what do you feel is the current market value?

Check one or more of your appeal basis:

Fair Market Value:
This property is assessed greater or less than its Fair Market Value as indicated by a review of comparable properties.

Lack of Uniformity:
This property assessment is out of line generally with similar properties.

Errors in Property Description*:
Assessment is based upon inaccurate information concerning this property such as lot size, square footage, condition of property, flood plain, topography, zoning, etc.

Other (provide a brief description in the box below):

*If there are errors in the property description, you may submit a Data Update request in lieu of having an appeal through the Request a Data Update web page.

Required Contact Information:

Applicant's Name* :        

      *If applicant is not the owner of record, a notarized Fauquier LOA must be provided prior to the hearing.

Applicant's Email Address :

Applicant's Daytime Area Code and Phone:  

You will be contacted within 3 business days of the receipt of your request.
If you have not been contacted AND 3 full business days have passed,
please call (540)422-8880 to confirm receipt of your request.

Please print this page before you click the SUBMIT button.
If the image text that you typed above is incorrect, the data that you have already typed in might need to be retyped.


Date Last Modified: 03/21/2014


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