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Foster Care Services

Test Your Foster Care I.Q.

How much do you know about foster care and foster parenting? The following quiz will test your foster care I.Q.

True or False?

1. People must be married to be foster parents - single people need not apply.

2. Only rich people can afford to become foster parents.

3. Couples who both work full-time cannot become foster parents.

4. People who are older or retired do not qualify to become foster parents.

5. Foster parents provide a permanent home for children.

6. All children in foster care are older.

7. Only homeowners can become foster parents.

8. The State of Virginia has a lot of foster parents.


1. False. You may be single or divorced and still be eligible to be a foster parent.

2. False. You do not have to be rich to become a foster parent. You need to be financially stable. Also, foster parents receive a monthly reimbursement to help offset the costs of each foster child in your home.

3. False. Both parents may work and still foster children.

4. False. There is no maximum age for foster parenting. There is a minimum age requirement of 21, but many older and retired people make wonderful foster parents.

5. False. Foster care is a temporary arrangement. The average length of stay for a child in foster care in Virginia is 2.9 years.

6. False. Children in Foster care range in age form newborn to age 18.

7. False. You may rent a home and still be a foster parent. You have to have adequate bedroom space to accommodate a foster child, but do not have to own your home.

8. False. There is a serious shortage of foster homes in the State of Virginia for older children and sibling groups. Additional African-American families are needed to provide more placement opportunities for the African-American children in care.

Date Last Modified: 02/20/2002


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