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Medicaid Services

MEDICAID - Long-Term Care

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Medicaid for Long-Term Care:

Medicaid covers long-term care (LTC) in a community based setting for individuals whose mental or physical condition requires nursing supervision and assistance with activities of daily living. Medicaid requires both a functional and financial screening process prior to paying for long-term care services.


A preadmission screening is required prior to admission to a nursing facility or waiver service if Medicaid is expected to provide payment. All individuals who will be eligible for community or institutional LTC services shall be evaluated to determine their functional level of care need. For hospitalized recipients, the acute care hospital staff completes the pre-admission screening process. For community-based recipients, it is a joint effort between Social Services and the Health Department. You may call Social Services to request a long-term care screening.

Non-Financial Criteria:

  • Citizenship
  • Fauquier county resident

Financial Criteria:

Financial eligibility is determined through an application process. That process examines the following:

Resource Level: $2,000

Resources are defined as any asset that can be utilized to produce income. You must verify all forms of resources such as checking and savings accounts, credit unions, Christmas Clubs, Money Market, CDs, stocks, bonds, trust funds, pension plans, IRAs, retirement accounts, promissory notes, Deeds of Trust, burial arrangements/trust funds/plots, real property and life insurance policies.

If you meet the above criteria and are approved for Medicaid, your LTC charges will be covered and you may be required to pay a portion of these costs.


To apply for Medicaid, you need only to request an application, complete it and return it to our agency. You do not need to have an interview.

If you need help in completing the application, you may call for an appointment.

Date Last Modified: 07/13/2012


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