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Treasurer - County Vehicle License Registration and Decals

Frequently Asked Questions About County Vehicle License Registration Fees

What is a County Vehicle License Registration Fee?

The vehicle license registration fee replaced the county vehicle decal.
The vehicle registration fee year shall commence on January 1st of each year.

The following exemptions may apply:

(1) Vehicles used by an active member of volunteer fire and rescue companies of the county or an active member of the sheriff's auxiliary deputy program, provided, however, that active members of any volunteer fire and rescue companies shall provide to the treasurer at the time of declaration of personal property a written certification by the chief of the volunteer company that said applicant is an active member, and is a member whose name appears in the book of "Volunteer Fire Fighters" kept by the clerk of the circuit court, and provided further that any auxiliary deputy shall provide a certificate from the sheriff stating that the auxiliary deputy is an active volunteer in the sheriff's auxiliary deputy program. However, the exception shall apply to no more than one (1) vehicle.

(2) Vehicles owned or leased by a person who is sixty-five (65) years of age or older shall be entitled to a fifty (50) percent reduction in the license registration fee assessed on that vehicle, provided that no such discount shall be available for more than one (1) vehicle owned or leased by the same person.

(3) Vehicles owned by former members of volunteer rescue squads and former members of volunteer fire departments having at least ten (10) years of service in the county. However, the exception shall apply to no more than one (1) vehicle.

(4) Specialty vehicles exempted by state code Title 46.2-663 through 46.2-683

When will I be required to pay the Vehicle License Registration Fee?

The annual vehicle license registration fee shall be due and payable on or before October 5th of each year. The fee shall be billed on your personal property tax bill or the billing date for subsequent supplemental personal property bills made for that calendar year. The fee shall be collected as taxes are collected.

Purchasers of new or used vehicles shall be billed for such fee on the supplemental bill for such vehicle as may be required.

What is the amount of the Vehicle License Registration Fee(s)?

The cost of the vehicle license registration fee is twenty-five dollars ($25.00) for automobiles, trucks and motor homes and fifteen dollars ($15.00) for motorcycles. The vehicle license registration fee is to be paid to the Fauquier County Treasurer

What is the fee for vehicles with official Antique plates?

Upon receipt of a copy of the vehicle registration that clearly indicates the antique status, the treasurer may recognize owners of antique motor vehicles as defined in Code of Virginia, ยง 46.2-100, as amended. There is a one-time vehicle license registration fee of five dollars ($5.00) for the antique motor. The fee is not transferable.

May I transfer the Vehicle License Registration Fee?

The vehicle license fee is not transferable between persons or vehicles.

Will I receive a refund on the Vehicle License Registration Fee?

There is no refund of the vehicle license registration fee for vehicles sold or otherwise disposed of during the tax year.

What happens if I do not pay the Vehicle License Registration Fee?

The Treasurer shall, after the due date for any vehicle license registration fee, collect the vehicle license fee in accordance with the provisions of Section 58.1-3919 of the Code of Virginia and any other applicable state law. Additionally, the Treasurer shall have the authority to take any action authorized by Section 46.2-752 of the Code of Virginia.

The following collection actions may be used in an effort to collect delinquent taxes and vehicle registration fees:

Seizure and sale of your personal property
Liens against your wages or bank accounts
Withholding registration of all vehicles owned or co-owned by you at DMV
Warrant in debt

What if I am a resident of an incorporated town?

Contact your town official for details.
Remington: 439-3220
The Plains: 253-5211
Warrenton: 347-1101

Date Last Modified: 09/10/2009


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