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The government of the County of Fauquier (pronounced faw-KEER) is organized under the Administrator form of government (as defined under Virginia law). The governing body of the County is the Board of Supervisors, which makes policies for the administration of the County. The Board of Supervisors consists of five members representing the five Magisterial Districts in the County: Center, Lee, Scott, Marshall, and Cedar Run. The Chairman of the Board of Supervisors is elected from within the Board of Supervisors and serves generally for a term of one year in addition to being a District Supervisor. The Board of Supervisors appoints a County Administrator to act as the administrative head of the County. The County Administrator serves at the pleasure of the Board of Supervisors, carries out the policies established by the Board of Supervisors, and directs business and administrative procedures with in the County government.

In Virginia, cities and counties are distinct units of government and do not overlap. Fauquier County completely surrounds the Towns of Warrenton, Remington, and The Plains. The County does provide certain governmental services, such as public education, to the Towns' residents pursuant to agreements with such Towns. Property in these Towns is subject to County taxation.

The County of Fauquier is located in the north central Piedmont region of Virginia, approximately 40 miles southwest of the nation's capital and approximately 80 miles northwest of Richmond, the state's capital. The County encompasses a land area of approximately 660 square miles. Fauquier County is bordered by the Counties of Prince William, Stafford, Culpeper, Warren, Clarke, Loudoun and Rappahannock. The Rappahannock River forms the County's Western border. Interstate 66 runs East-West through the northern portion of the County. In addition, five U.S. primary routes and two state primary routes traverse the County. Because of its proximity to Washington, D.C., the County has experienced consistent population growth rates over the past ten years. Despite the population growth, the County remains primarily rural in nature.

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