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Community Corrections Services

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General District CourthouseCriminal offenders who are deemed non-violent by the courts and have suspended jail sentences are eligible for referral to community corrections services under §19.2-303.3 of the Code of Virginia.  Defendants for whom the courts have deferred a final judgment are also eligible.  All offenders/defendants ordered by the courts to participate in this program are required to follow the conditions of local probation supervision.  These conditions include remaining of good behavior, not incurring any new criminal convictions, not using illegal drugs, and maintaining contact with the court services officer assigned to the case.  Court services officers are criminal justice professionals trained in the supervision of criminal offenders, crisis intervention and drug screening.

In addition to the standard conditions of local probation supervision, the court may choose to order additional conditions with which the offender/defendant must comply.  These conditions may include payment of court costs or restitution to the victim of the offense, performance of unpaid community service labor, drug testing and treatment, anger management, parenting skills, vocational training or mental health counseling.  Offenders who comply with the court's order for their period of supervision are generally considered "successful closures" and are discharged from probation. In FY 2018, the Office of Adult Court Services' successful rate of closure was 73%.  Offenders who fail to obey the court's order are promptly required to appear before the court for imposition of their jail sentences.

The Office of Adult Court Services' community corrections program provides a structured yet remedial environment in which offenders are held strictly accountable for their actions while gaining access to the resources necessary to become more productive and law-abiding citizens.  In FY 2018, the Office of Adult Court Services facilitated in collecting over $140,000 in court costs, fines and restitution to the victims of crime.  This program also helps to reduce the population of the over-crowded local jail at a significant cost savings to the community.  The average cost of incarcerating one offender for one day at the local jails now exceeds $100.  The daily cost of placing an offender under the supervision of the Office of Adult Court Services is approximately $5.10.