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Business Taxation FAQ's

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Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • Who is required to obtain a business license?

  • Is my license good in all jurisdictions I operate in?

  • What is the license based on?

  • When should you obtain a license?

  • Where may I obtain the business license forms?

  • How long is the license valid?

  • If I use my vehicle for business, can I still get the personal property tax relief?

  • If I am a contractor and my business is located in another jurisdiction and I am licensed there, but I do some work in Fauquier County, am I required to obtain a license in Fauquier?

  • What county offices do I need to check with when starting a business?

  • Does a contractor doing business in Fauquier County have to be bonded?

  • Do I need a license for the town and the county?

  • What is business tangible personal property?

  • Am I required to file a business property declaration form?

  • How is the assessment on business tangible personal property made?

  • Where can I obtain more information, forms and assistance in filing?

  • When is the filing due?