Current Tax Rates

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Current Tax Rates

Fauquier County Tax Rates are per $100 in Assessed Value

License Category
Rate per $100

Real Estate:
$0.855 Base
$0.133 Fire & Rescue Levy
$0.006 Conservation Easement Fund


Real Estate - Special Districts:
Marshall Electric Light and Business Improvement
Storm Water Management Fee (per parcel on certain parcels)



Tangible Personal Property


Business Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment


Machinery and Tools


Motor Home/Campers/Boats


Buses with 30 or more passengers


Fire & Rescue Volunteer Vehicle


Handicap Equipped Vehicles




Mobile Home


Business License Tax Rates


License Category Rate per $100

Builder Developer, Contractors


Amusement; Coin, Precious Metals and Gem Dealers; Money Lenders; Retail


Business Service; Hotels and Motels; Mineral Extraction; Personal Service; Repair Service


Professional; Consultants; Research and Development other than those defined in Section 12.1-2; Other Specialized Occupations


Research and Development (contracts issued under Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) by 48 C.F.R.31.205-18)


Public Service Corporation

1/2 of 1% of G.R.

Wholesale Merchant; Wholesale Peddlers (rate based on gross purchases)


Other Flat Fee Licenses

License Category Flat Rate



Carnivals and Circuses (each performance)


Coin Operated Machines: Ten or more (selling, leasing or renting)


Coin Operated Machines: Under ten (selling, leasing or renting)


Fortune Tellers; Clairvoyants; Practitioners of Palmistry


Savings & Loan


Industrial Loan Associations


Peddlers and Itinerant Merchants


Permanent Coliseums, Arenas, Auditoriums


Out of State Photographers


Beer Wholesale*


Wine Wholesale*


Beer & Wine on premises of Hotel, etc.*


Retail Beer & Wine off premises*


Retail Beer for Hotel, etc.*


Retail Beer off premises*


* NOTE: Beer & Wine licensee to present State Beer & Wine Certificate prior to license issue.