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Personal Property Tax

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Personal Property

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Personal Property Tax:

Personal Property Tax applies at varying rates to the assessed value of tangible personal property, i.e., automobiles, trucks, trailers, mobile homes, aircraft, recreation vehicles, boats, business equipment, machinery and tools. Values are established by recognized pricing guides and/or a percentage of cost based on purchase date. The Commissioner of the Revenue's Office is the only office that has the authority to make an adjustment to an assessment.

The office is online with the Department of Motor Vehicles. Access is provided by the Virginia Department of Information Technology. This tool assists in the accuracy of individual personal property assessments. An accurate record of all personal property is the responsibility of the Commissioner of the Revenue's Office. Each newly registered vehicle in Fauquier County is entered into the Commissioner's system, either by DMV tape or manually. Residents needing a town decal must first come to the Commissioner's office to establish an account.

Personal Property clerks screen all returns on property owned on January 1 of each year. Property listed must include all furniture, fixtures, tools, machinery, etc. On-site inspections are done to ensure all tangible property owned is assessed. Fauquier is a prorating county, therefore, tax on motor vehicles and trailers is prorated based on the portion of the year these vehicles are located in the county.

For more information, contact the Personal Property Office at 540-422-8150.