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Personal Property Taxes FAQ's

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  • Who has to pay personal property tax?

  • What is considered taxable personal property?

  • What is the personal property tax based on?

  • Who sets the personal property tax rate?

  • How do I determine the amount of tax I must pay?

  • How is personal property assessed?

  • When must I file a tax return on my personal property if I am a Fauquier County resident?

  • If I am a Town resident, when must I file a tax return on my personal property?

  • Is there a penalty for filing a tax return late?

  • Where may tax returns be filed?

  • How may I obtain the forms for reporting personal property for assessment?

  • What are my tax obligations if I am on active military duty maintaining Fauquier County as my legal residence?

  • As an active duty member of the military will I be taxed for personal property in Fauquier County if I maintain a legal domicile in a state other than Virginia?

  • If my personal property is unused or unlicensed, do I still pay personal property tax?

  • If I am a resident of an incorporated town, what are the rules for purchasing a decal?

  • When is my personal property tax payment due?

  • Is there a penalty for paying my personal property tax late?

  • What does proration mean?

  • If I move into Fauquier County from another Virginia county during the year, could I owe something in both places?

  • What happens if I sell a vehicle during the year?

  • What happens if I move out of Fauquier County?

  • If a college student keeps a vehicle where he resides during the school year, what is the effect on their personal property tax liability?

  • Do I need a Fauquier County decal?

  • I am a new Virginia resident of Fauquier. How soon must I report my vehicle?

  • When I sign over my vehicle title to a new owner is there anything else I need to do so I won't have to pay tax on it the next year?

  • Will I be able to declare all my personal property on one form?

  • How do I receive a high mileage adjustment?

  • I will be 65 years old this year; when do I receive a reduction on my vehicle license registration fee?